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Brief: Söderlund International Raises €565,794 on Invesdor For HUONE Hotel’s Singapore Location

Earlier this week, Söderlund International’s HUONE Hotel finished its equity crowdfunding run on Invesdor. The Helsinki-based firm secured €565,794 for the meeting and event hotel’s new Singapore location. To date, the HUONE Hotel has won a total of six awards, which includes Best Event Venue in Finland… Read More

Update: Huone Hotel Achieves €500,000 Invesdor Funding Goal

Söderlund International’s HUONE Hotel has successfully secured its initial €500,000 funding goal on Invesdor. The company has less than 48 hours until its initiative comes to an end. Huone is described as a meeting and events hotel, which means NO actual bedrooms. The hotel has won a total of six awards, including… Read More

Söderlund International’s HUONE Hotel Nears €500,000 Funding Goal During the Final Days on Invesdor

With less than a week until its Invesdor campaign comes to an end, Söderlund International’s HUONE Hotel has secured nearly  €475,000. The unusual hotel is seeking a minimum of €500,000 for its new Singapore location. HUONE is described as a meeting and events hotel, which means NO actual bedrooms. Since its launch in 2012, HUONE… Read More

Söderlund International Preps to Launch on Invesdor: Seeks €500,000 For HUONE Hotel’s Singapore location

Söderlund International, the company behind the Finland HUONE Hotel, is set to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Invesdor to raise a minimum of €500,000 (max €800,000) as it prepares to open an establishment in Singapore. HUONE, which is located in Helsinki, is dubbed as a meeting and events hotel, which… Read More

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