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Perspective: Ignore the Hype – Regulation A+ is NOT Crowdfunding

After the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued its final rules for the new Regulation A (Reg A+), many in the media heralded the changes as the dawn of a new financial paradigm: investment crowdfunding.  Companies we work with wondered if Reg A+ was the… Read More

iCrowd: Crowdfunding is “Capitalism for the Rest of Us”

Interview with iCrowd Co-Founder and CEO Brad McGee. iCrowd, an equity crowdfunding platform, wants to create a platform that provides “capitalism for the rest of us”.  The portal is preparing for the advent of Title III of the JOBS Act to kick in – otherwise known as… Read More

iCrowd Report: Young Accredited Investors Drawn To Alternative Assets

A new report from social networking site iCrowd has found that young wealthy investors are investing less of their portfolio in the stock market and more in alternative assets versus older investors. The survey confidentially polled a large sample of accredited investors – investors with… Read More

Applications Open For iCrowd’s “Validated Experts” Program

iCrowd has launched a “Validated Experts” program, allowing crowdfunding experts to be a part of the iCrowd social network. From the release… The program will arm entrepreneurs and small business owners with access to consultants and industry-specific information that will support business growth and development…. Read More

[Infographic] iCrowd Explains Investment Crowdfunding’s Impact

From iCrowd’s website… iCrowd is dedicated to helping businesses succeed, benefiting customers, communities, and investors. iCrowd will provide essential tools to recognize and seize opportunities. If you’re a small business owner, you can seek advice, build teams, and create communities of enthusiasts for your business…. Read More

Crowdfunding portals try to get the word out as they wait for the SEC

A local startup is looking to get a head start as it waits for the SEC to spell out rules on crowdfunding. Rye-based iCrowd, started by former Wall Street portfolio manager John Callaghan and Brad McGee, the ex-chief strategy officer of Tyco International, is one… Read More

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