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Iowa Aims to Be the Most Connected State via $2M Private-Public Crowdsourced Project

Iowa is aiming to become the Most Connected State in the Midwest as Governor Terry Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds announced a crowdsourced project to provide broader access to broadband.  The Blue Ribbon Initiative will be a private-public partnership that aims to raise $2… Read More

Brief: Iowa Residents Create Over 15,000 GoFundMe Campaigns & Raise $13.1 Million

This week, crowdfunding platform GoFundMe released new data highlighting the giving community in Iowa. Iowans have started over 15,000 GoFundMe campaigns, raising $13.1 million from nearly 215,000 total donations. The GoFundMe team stated that the Des Moines Metro Area is considered the largest funding community in Iowa and has… Read More

Snoop Dogg Returns to Tilt For New Youth Football Team Crowdfunding Campaign

Snoop Dogg is making his way back to Tilt! The famed rapper and YouTube star took the crowdfunding platform with a new campaign that is dedicated to raise funds for Inner City Urban Development (ICUD) football league in Des Moines, Iowa. The ICUD is a community-based… Read More

No money, no problem: Crowdfunding helps launch Iowa Corridor projects

Alexander Steele still has no idea who gave him $2,000 to help launch his business of hand-crafting guitars and ukuleles. Using the website Kickstarter.com, Steele needed only a month to raise $15,000. That was enough for him to quit his job so he could build… Read More

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