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KODAKCoin Partner Wenn Digital Files with the SEC to Sell $6.75 Million in Tokens

The big crypto news all last week was the announcement that Kodak, a company that was founded in 1888, was launching an initial coin offering for a new photography rights platform. The news tripled the market capitalization of Kodak almost immediately as the cool blockchain… Read More

The Big One: tZero Says KODAKCoin will Trade on its Forthcoming Digital Assets Exchange

The announcement by Kodak that it would be jumping into the cryptocurrency space with its own initial coin offering and KODAKCoin rattled all of corporate America. If a fallen star like Kodak could do it, then why not them? In a way, Kodak validates the… Read More

Kodak Jumps Into the Crypto World with KODAKCoin & Partnership with Wenn Digital on Blockchain Based Digital RIghts Management

Kodak, a company that became a punchline in recent years due to its epic inability to quickly adapt to digital photography that crushed its analog film based world, is going crypto. Kodak has announced a partnership with Wenn Digital to launch a digital currency and… Read More