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DSTLD $2M+ SeedInvest Series A-2 Round: Hugging Curves in All the Right Places

DSTLD, a company seeking to disrupt the $200 billion fast fashion market with fairly priced, direct-to-consumer premium clothing (such as jeans), has exceeded $2M on its SeedInvest Series A-2 round. Nearly 2000 investors have invested over $2,132,766. Helmed by Co-CEO, Co-Founder and Creative Director Corey Epstein and… Read More

Barbell Apparel Scores Over $200,000 in Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Ready to create the “perfect fit” trousers, Barbell Apparel launched its own denim campaign Kickstarter earlier this month.  The jeans are “made for your active lifestyle” and were designed by weight lifters, snowboards and rock climbers from Nevada, who grew tired and frustrated with the… Read More

Parke Jeans Pretail Campaign Now 7X Over $20,000 Crowdfunding Goal

Kickstarter Campaign Had Just Announced Breaking $100,000.  Parke Stands at Over $140,000 Today. This very professional, fashion pretail crowdfunding campaign continues to grow as backers continue to purchase rewards for Parke’s fashionable denim line.  Parke, a new online-only denim brand, with a few days still… Read More

Parke Denim Has Pretail Success on Kickstarter

Parke Denim has been in “stealth mode” for the past 6 months developing their website along with a  new collection of high quality active denim jeans.  To date the company has raised $300,000 in funding.   The team now consists of fashion and technology experts… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: Enfojer Old School Darkroom, The Perfect Comb & Eco Friendly Jeans

Welcome to Saturday morning and this week’s Crowdfunding Mailbox.  Please keep sending in those campaigns.  We recommend to everyone who is crowdfunding to review our Crowdfunding Guide.  We see a lot of campaigns that are very creative and have great merit but fall short of… Read More

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