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Crowdfunded Fashion for Men

[new_royalslider id=”15″] Dressing in crowdfunded culture is even easier for men. There are many, many options; highlighted below include successful kickstarter campaigns, most of which morphed into dynamic product lines. [*Full pretail/retail disclosure: some items are still in production, and hence, untested. Others’ crowdfunding campaigns… Read More

Parke Jeans Pretail Campaign Now 7X Over $20,000 Crowdfunding Goal

Kickstarter Campaign Had Just Announced Breaking $100,000.  Parke Stands at Over $140,000 Today. This very professional, fashion pretail crowdfunding campaign continues to grow as backers continue to purchase rewards for Parke’s fashionable denim line.  Parke, a new online-only denim brand, with a few days still… Read More

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