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Central Standard Timing’s Dave Vondle: We Deeply Apologize For the Fact That Backers Don’t Have a Watch

Last month, Central Standard Timing announced that after two years and over a million dollars, which was given by Kickstarter backers, it will be unable to provide its famous watch, CST-01. The timepiece, which was dubbed the “thinnest watch in the world” was said to be 0.8 mm… Read More

Report: Creators of “World’s Thinnest Watch” CST-01 Botch Production; Tells Kickstarter Backers They Are Out of Luck

Way back in January 2013, Chicago-based startup Central Standard Timing launched a Kickstarter campaign for the CST-01 described as the “the world’s thinnest watch.” The cool looking mock ups, even with no production prototype, wooed many to support this project. The flexible cuff watch was said to be 0.8 mm thick and using… Read More

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