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Sony Partners With Wirecard For Digital Payment Technology

Wirecard announced on Wednesday it has formed a partnership with Sony for digital payment technology. According to Wirecard, Sony is officially launching the wena watch range in the UK and Ireland and the fintech reported that by using its boon app for iOS and Android, customers… Read More

Sony Launches Campaign on Self-Running Crowdfunding Platform First Flight For E-Ink Timepiece “FES Watch U”

Nearly one year after launching a crowdfunding campaign for its smartwatch, Wena Wrist, electronic giant Sony announced it is using the funding method once again to raise funds for its new timepiece, FES Watch U. The company recently debuted the initiative on its platform, First Flight…. Read More

Mobvoi’s Ticwatch 2 Surpasses $1.3M As Kickstarter Campaign Nears Final Week

With less than two weeks until its Kickstarter initiative comes to an end, China-based startup Mobvoi has successfully secured over $1.3 million for its innovative Ticwatch 2. Ticwatch 2 is known as an intuitive interaction watch that is lifestyle convenient and also provides an innovative design along… Read More

Update: Ticwatch 2 Nears $950,000 Less Than Two Weeks After Kickstarter Debut

Less than two weeks after its Kickstarter debut, Mobvoi‘s Ticwatch 2 has successfully secured nearly $950,000 thanks to 5,100 backers. The Chinese tech startup launched the crowdfunding campaign for the new interactive watch and secured its initial $50,000 funding goal in ten minutes. As previously reported, Ticwatch… Read More

Crowdfunding Mailbox: HyperLink Steel Band for Apple Watch, NeuroGum & SmartHalo for Your Bike

I happen to have an Apple Watch and I am slowly figuring out which features suit my daily routine the best.  I gave up wearing a traditional watch years ago as my iPhone quickly became my time keeper of choice (just like everyone else). But… Read More

Report: Creators of “World’s Thinnest Watch” CST-01 Botch Production; Tells Kickstarter Backers They Are Out of Luck

Way back in January 2013, Chicago-based startup Central Standard Timing launched a Kickstarter campaign for the CST-01 described as the “the world’s thinnest watch.” The cool looking mock ups, even with no production prototype, wooed many to support this project. The flexible cuff watch was said to be 0.8 mm thick and using… Read More

Lookout Apple Watch: Olio Smartwatch Challenges Apple with High End Wearable Tech

Apple Watch has a new competitor and I am not talking about the Google/Intel thing.  This watch has been created by a former Apple employee and you can immediately see the design DNA in this incredibly crafted watch. Olio, positioned as a “boutique” watch company, has launched a… Read More

Funny: Pebble’s Reaction to Apple Watch Media Event

Pebble gave Twitter followers a good laugh during Apple’s media event on this past Monday as Apple revealed additional details on their forthcoming smartwatch. The Kickstarter-success (and continues to be) took a humorous approach regarding Apple’s typically big media circus as they schmoozed the media and Apple fans…. Read More

FlyShark Smartwatch Makes Its U.S. Debut with Kickstarter; Surpasses $10,000 Goal Within Hours of Campaign Launch

The FlyShark Smartwatch is making its debut in a brand new market. In order to produce and bring the smart watch to the market, the creators of the watch have launched Kickstarter campaign. Originally seeking only $10,000, the project captured the initial goal and raised over… Read More

Brief: A “Killer” Wearable Device from Kickstarter-Success Neptune is Coming Soon

Neptune, a Canadian company that designs and develops consumer electronics, announced on Friday (January 2nd) that a new revolutionary wearable device will be unveiled soon. The product will be a successor to Pine, the world’s first standalone smartwatch that had raised more than $800,000 on… Read More

Ritot Projection Watch Finishes Crowdfunding at Over $1.2 Million; Then Extends Campaign on Indiegogo

Ritot, the worlds first “projection watch” closed earlier this week having raised over $1.2 million crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The organizers pretty much crushed their initial goal of raising $50,000.  Over 6900 backers joined in to make this one of Indiegogo’s biggest funding rounds ever. The… Read More

Projection Watch Ritot Crowdfunds Over $1M on Indiegogo Despite Doubts Over Prototype & Production

With less than two days until its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo comes to an end, projection watch Ritot has successfully raised $1,007,756 from close to 6,000. Inspired by future technologies, the devices team has created a completely different and original timepiece. Sharing details about the watch, the… Read More

Rufus Cuff Surpasses $200k Goal on Indiegogo

Exciting news for Rufus Labs, its new invention the Rufus Cuff easily surpassed its crowdfunding goal of $200,000 on Indiegogo with plenty time left with the campaign . According to the company, the cuff is “an advanced wearable device with a revolutionary new take on wrist… Read More

The HereO GPS Raises Over $100,000 On Indiegogo

Giving parents a way to keep track of their children, The hereO company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $100,000 for its brand new GPS watch. The product is considered “the smallest real-time connected GPS tracking device, created specifically for children three years… Read More

William Shatner on Your Wrist. Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo is something truly unique:  A William Shatner Mechanical watch called “Passages”.  Unfortunately the watch is not scheduled to ship until March 2014 so it cannot be a special stocking stuffer for this holiday season – but it may be worth the wait…. Read More

MIT Alum Raises Over $250K In A Week For Kickstarter Watch For The Blind

Eone Timepieces has launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking $40,000 in funding for a tactile watch designed for (and with the help of) the blind. Just about a week into the campaign, funding for “The Bradley” timepiece has already crossed $250,000. Eone Timepieces was founded by Hyungsoo… Read More

KREYOS: iPhone Compatible Smartwatch Fully Funded On Indiegogo

The KREYOS smartwatch is fully funded on Indiegogo with plenty of time left in the campaign, and it promises to bring hands-free smartphone use to the masses. According to the Indiegogo campaign page, the KREYOS integrates a microphone and a three-axis gyroscope to allow the… Read More

AGENT Smartwatch Seeks To Improve On Pebble Design

The AGENT smartwatch, currently on Kickstarter, implements some savvy design features to try and improve upon what they call the “last generation” of smartwatches. They’re looking at you, Pebble. The biggest design improvement has to be the inclusion of a second, smaller processor for moments… Read More

World’s Thinnest Watch Raises More Than $900,000 on Kickstarter

A Kickstarter project for CST-01, “the world’s thinnest watch,” collected more than four times its original fundraising goal with three days left to go. Though it hasn’t reached the Pebble level yet, CST-01 has more than 6,000 backers who’ve raised $907,755. The flexible cuff watch is 0.8 mm thick and… Read More

Danish GPS Sports Watch “Leikr” Hits Crowdfunding Goal

What time is it in Denmark? No one’s sure, because their watches haven’t shipped yet. Leikr, the GPS sports watch we mentioned briefly on our Crowdfunding roundup has hit their ambitious quarter of a million dollar goal three days before their deadline, coming to a final… Read More

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