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Creators of Kickstarter Alum “Unsong Story” Announces Game Changes; Leaves Backers Frustrated

Back in January 2014, video game production company Playdek launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its diverse tactical RPG, Unsong Story: Tale of the Guardians. Unsong Story was described as the spiritual successor in a storied line of epic tactical RPGs designed by Yasumi Matsuno (aka Final… Read More

Final Hours: Unsung Story Seeks Last Push Over $600K Kickstarter Goal

A Kickstarter campaign with some serious star power behind it is dangerously close to losing out on over half a million dollars in crowdfunding cash. Of course, that also means they’re on the precipice of closing a huge $600,000+ crowdfunding round. The next 33 hours… Read More

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