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Crowdfunding is Impacting the Global Economy

  Innovation means creating something that makes a process or product more efficient. The result can be a price reduction passed on to consumers in the short run, or an increase in the speed at which a business operates. Ultimately, innovation serves as the backbone… Read More

Kite Patch’s Creator Secures Additional $2.2 Million for its Discovery-to-Market Platform

ieCrowd, the discovery-to-market commercialization platform for innovations that solve global challenges, today announces it has raised an additional $2.2 million bringing total funding to $7 million. Investors include physicians, healthcare professionals, and other private funders from around the world. The funding will be used to accelerate… Read More

Successfully Crowdfunded Anti-Mosquito Kite Patch Moves Closer to Market Roll-Out

The anti-mosquito device “Kite Patch” raised $557,254 on Indiegogo, ending their campaign last month and now the product is closer to market roll out as product is being field tested in Uganda.  Expectations are the product will be shipped in 12 months.  The Kite Patch… Read More

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