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Director’s Cut of Indiegogo Alum “Lazer Team” Now Available on Steam

Lazer Team

On Friday, Steam announced that the director’s cut of Indiegogo alum Lazer Team is now available on its digital distribution platform. The Rooster Teeth production film received over $2.3 million during its crowdfunding campaign in 2014 and raised an additional $1 million in theatrical release pre-sales last… Read More

“Lazer Team” Director Matt Hullum Confirms: Sequel to Start Filming in Late 2017 Spring (Video)

Lazer Team

Less than one year after Indiegogo success Lazer Team hit theaters, director and producer, Matt Hullum announced filming for Lazer Team 2 is set to begin spring 2017 in Texas. The film received over $2.3 million during its crowdfunding campaign in 2014 and raised an additional $1 million in theatrical release… Read More

Indiegogo-Success “Lazer Team” Kicks Off Production; Announces Cast

Lazer Team

Rooster Teeth, the creators of the Indiegogo-success Lazer Team, announced this week that it has kicked off the production. The famous YouTube channel also revealed more details about the film, including its cast. Rooster Teeth’s Barbara wrote, “Lazer Team is a sci-fi comedy directed by Matt Hullum… Read More

Crowdfunding At Its Best: Top 12 Successfully Funded Kickstarter & Indiegogo Films

Top 10 Movies of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding films is big business these days and it is still early in the evolution of this new approach to funding movies.  On Kickstarter, Film & Video is their second highest revenue generator having successfully raised almost $200 million.  Indiegogo has recently experienced some break… Read More

Updated: Rooster Teeth’s “Lazer Team” Rockets Past $2.3M, Becomes Most Funded Project on Indiegogo

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Hitting the final stretch of its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Rooster Teeth’s featured film “Lazer Team” stood at over  $2,365,958 from over 35,000 backers. The project first made headlines when it reached its initial goal of $650,000 within the first 24 hours. Not only was it… Read More

Rooster Teeth Raises $250,000 in 12 Hours; Now a Top 5 Film Campaign

product 1352911240

Continuing to draw more attention to its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Rooster Teeth announced the “Lazer Team” project has had a ton of success within the last couple days. Over the weekend, the Rooster Teeth crew took to their website for a special live-stream event… Read More

Rooster Teeth’s “Lazer Team” Rockets Past $1M in Just Three Days

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Just three days after the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, popular YouTube channel Rooster Teeth’s first feature length film “Lazer Team” has zoomed past $1 million as over   13,600 supporters quickly funded the project. Rooster Teeth is the magic responsible for creating… Read More

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