Rooster Teeth Raises $250,000 in 12 Hours; Now a Top 5 Film Campaign

Continuing to draw more attention to its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, Rooster Teeth announced the “Lazer Team” project has had a ton of success within the last couple days. Over the weekend, the Rooster Teeth crew took to their website for a special live-stream event from their HQ to support the campaign. While the live-stream brought in a lot more excitement and backers, it also raised another $250,000 within just 12 hours.

Rooster TeethExcited to share more details about the event, Rooster Teeth wrote, “Yesterday was a tremendous day for the campaign. Thanks to the generosity of everyone who tuned in, our live stream was able to raise $250,000 in twelve hours. Amazing!”

Also revealing more good news, the Rooster Teeth stated the campaign also reached a couple other milestones within the last couple of days, including the following:

  • Became the leading digital entertainment crowdfunding campaign when we surpassed Tabletop’s total.
  • Broke into the Top 5 Film campaigns of all time, passing Spike Lee’s and Adam Carolla’s project totals.
  • Broadcast a special clip of RWBY Vol 2 in celebration of the live stream success.
  • Hit our Orchestral Score stretch goal.
  • Hit our “International Premiere” stretch goal.
  • Hit our “Pilot a TV & Film Podcast” stretch goal.
  • Unlocked two new stretch goals: “VFX Upgrade” & “New RT Shorts.”

As previously reported, the YouTube network behind the hilarious sci-fi comedy “Red vs Blue,” “Achievement Hunter,” “The RT Podcast,” and “RWBY,” launched the campaign for it’s first ever feature length movie called “Lazer Team.” The campaign easily beat their initial goal of $650,000 within the first 24 hours and reached $1.1M in three days.

Rooster Teeth TeamIn the late 1970’s, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence project received a one time signal from outer space. Unfortunately it looked exactly like theorist thought a communication from an alien civilization would and has never been decoded. Unknown to the general public, the signal had been translated and told scientists two things: We are not alone and the galaxy is a dangerous place.

“Lazar Team” is a live action sci-fi comedy that takes place decades later in the aftermath of the event. Rooster Teeth noted the funds from the crowdfunding would go towards bigger and better visual effects along with cast/crew and location.

Rooster Teeth commented, “We know. You’ve backed a crowd-funded project before and that was the last you heard of it. Plus producing movies is far more expensive than making web content, even the content that RT makes. So how do you know backing this project will actually lead to a finished product? We have always made the most of our resources and made some of the best quality content on the Internet over the past 11 years.

“We are going to do this on a bigger scale. We have the infrastructure to produce the content, the funds we are raising are for production and production quality. That means most of the dollars will end up on the screen, which is exactly where you want them. Rooster Teeth is uniquely qualified to move from web content to feature filmmaking. Over the course of the last decade we have grown into some of the biggest productions the internet has ever seen and we want you to be a part of this next step!”

Set to close on July 6th, “Lazer Team’s” campaign has reached $1,683,406 from 24,495 backers.

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