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LBRY Case Judge Makes a Ruling on Whether Secondary Cryptocurrency Sales Qualify as Securities

The LBRY case judge has recently made a ruling on whether secondary cryptocurrency sales are considered to be securities. Back in January 2023, attorney John Deaton had reportedly convinced the Judge in the US Securities and Exchange (SEC) vs. LBRY court case that secondary LBC… Read More

LBRY Predicts Own Demise Following SEC Court Battle

LBRY, a digital asset firm that was the target of a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforcement action, has taken to Twitter to predict its own demise stating it will “probably be dead in the near future.” Since any information given privately to the SEC… Read More

Digital Assets: LBRY Deemed to Have Issued a Security as Crypto Firm Loses Legal Battle Against SEC

“We Lost. Sorry Everyone.” LBRY, issuer of digital asset LBC has lost its case against the Securities and Exchange Commission in a decision that some have described as a significant setback for the entire crypto sector. Back in 2021, LBRY was charged by the SEC with… Read More

SEC Charges Digital Asset Issuer LBRY with Sale of Unregistered Securities, LBRY Creates Site Claiming the SEC Does Not Understand Crypto

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged LBRY with conducting an offering of digital assets deemed to be unregistered securities. LBRY is a blockchain-based company that is working on a digital marketplace, using its native currency LBC, for content such as images, video, audio,… Read More

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