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Beijing Eloan Wants to be UBER of P2P Lending

Speaking at the World Internet Conference (WIC), Eloan CEO Wang Sicong explained his version to become the UBER of peer to peer lending; “We see ourselves as a sharing platform like Uber. Eloan has about 1,600 local partners who manage and oversee lending in their… Read More

Dodgy Peer to Peer Lending Platforms Proliferate in China as New Regulations Near

The number of complaints regarding peer to peer lending fraud in China continues to escalate, according to a report published by government officials. According to Tech QQ (part of Tencent), the Ministry of Public Security states that 8,700 cases of illegal fundraising were reported in… Read More

Lenovo is Expanding into Peer to Peer Lending

Legend Holdings, the holding company of Lenovo computer, is expanding into peer to peer lending and other forms of finance.  The investments are part of an overriding strategy to both acquire and grow core assets while simultaneously boosting growth with non organic expansion.  Legend hopes to… Read More

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