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CreditEase CEO: “Rural Areas are Strategically Important”

Peer to peer lending is booming in China.  There are an estimated 1575 lending platforms, according to Wangdaizhijia.  But most of these P2P companies are targeting the urban and sub-urban markets.  The exception to this is  CreditEase and Eloancn, according to a recent report. Ning… Read More

Lenovo is Expanding into Peer to Peer Lending

Legend Holdings, the holding company of Lenovo computer, is expanding into peer to peer lending and other forms of finance.  The investments are part of an overriding strategy to both acquire and grow core assets while simultaneously boosting growth with non organic expansion.  Legend hopes to… Read More

China: The Different Categories of Peer to Peer Lending Platforms

The biggest Peer to Peer (P2P) lending market, China, has been experiencing explosive growth. After two articles introducing the historical growth and outlook for this market, we are going to take a micro look on the huge variety of (P2P) lending platforms emerging in China…. Read More

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