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Liti Capital Launches “Scambusters” Targeting Crypto Scams

Liti Capital SA, a Switzerland based litigation funding platform, has launched a new service called “Scambusters.” According to a release, the new feature will enable users to vote for which crypto fraud case the platform should pursue in the future. Any LITI or wLITI token… Read More

Litigation Finance Company Liti Capital Sees Responsibility to Grow Safer Crypto Sector

While the baseline premise behind Liti Capital is interesting enough on its own, the founding team’s vision for the company and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole suggests it is well-positioned to be around for the long haul. Executive chairman and CIO David Kay previously… Read More

Litigation Finance: LITI Equity Token Trades on Bitcoin.com

wLITI token, a “wrapped” version of the LITI equity token, has been listed on the Bitcoin.com trading platform. Liti Capital is a Switzerland-based blockchain private equity fund that raises capital for legal cases for litigation financing. Holders of the token may benefit from returns generated… Read More

Liti Capital: Swiss Company Tokenizes Litigation Financing

With most areas of finance exploring tokenization, it was only a matter of time before somebody applied it to the courts. Swiss litigation finance fund Liti Capital is expected to soon launch the LITI token, as an asset-backed equity token. That backing comes from ongoing… Read More

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