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Reality Crowd TV Set to Shut Down As the Company Restructures & Rebrands

On Wednesday, Reality Crowd TV (RCTV) announced it is shutting down its Virtual Incubator & Crowdfunding Network (VICN) community on November 29th.  The company will also be offline as it undergoes a complete restructuring and rebranding. Founder of RCTV/VICN, Manolis Sfinarolakis, penned: Dear Friends and Members of… Read More

Connecticut Tech Council Names Reality Crowdfunding TV, 2014 Tech Company to Watch

The crowdfunding industry has been frequently highlighted in the media over the last few years because of the high profile projects that have been brought to market using this new model. The industry is also expanding at a brisk pace with impressive year over year revenue… Read More

RealityCrowdTV’s Creator Talks About Crowdfunding Television Series

University of Connecticut graduate Manolis Sfinarolakis, recently shared details about his RealityCrowd TV, which is all about crowdfunding. The show aims to share exactly what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and what is needed to run a successful funding campaign, specifically highlighting crowdfunding as… Read More

Two Companies Filming One Spark Documentary

Sharing details about his latest project, Connecticut native Manolis Sfinarolakis announced his new documentary-style reality show at The Landing during the event. The One Spark project will be aired as a web based show on Reality Crowd TV.  Anyone that visited Manolis during One Spark… Read More

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