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Norway Skincare Brand Bad Norwegian Completes Invesdor Campaign With Over 1.4 Million Kr

Earlier this month, Norway-based skincare brand, Bad Norwegian closed its funding round on Invesdor and raised 1,457,850kr, reaching 292% of the initiative’s original target amount (500,000 kr). The company is considered the second ever equity crowdfunding success in Norway.  Bad Norwegian, which was founded in 2011, offers up… Read More

Bad Norwegian Nears 750,000Kr During the Final Week on Invesdor

With less than week until its Invesdor crowdfunding campaign comes to an end, Norway-based skincare brand, Bad Norwegian has successfully secured its initial 500,000kr funding goal and is currently nearing 750,000kr. The company previously extended its initiative due to the fact that larger investors were not able to… Read More

Bad Norwegian Nears 500,000 Kr Funding Goal During the Final Days on Invesdor

With less than 48 hours until its Invesdor campaign comes to an end, Norway-based skincare brand, Bad Norwegian, has successfully secured over 400,000 kr from nearly 20 investors. The company took to the crowdfunding platform to raise a minimum of 500,000kr (2 million kr as… Read More

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