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Washoe County, Nevada, Now Issuing Marriage Certificates on Blockchain

San Francisco blockchain record firm Titan Seal has scored a plum contract in Nevada to help Washoe County officials manage marriage records on the Ethereum blockchain, Reno Gazette Journal reports. Titan Seal CEO Phil Dhingra has now moved to Reno to hopefully build out his… Read More

Brief: Niche Online Lender Promise Financial Now Doing $1M a Month Financing Weddings

On Friday, marketplace lending platform, Promise Financial, announced it has surpassed $5 million in loan originations and now arranges more than $1 million of financing each month. Promise Financial revealed it is experiencing rapid growth by addressing a growing need in the U.S. where there… Read More

English Director Michael Apted Turns to Indiegogo For Third Film in “Married in America” Series

Michael Apted, is looking to the crowd for his new project. UP director has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 For his third film in the Married in America series. While describing the film on the campaigns website, Apted shared, “In 2001, I began to follow… Read More

WATCH: Zach Braff Helps Kickstarter Backer Propose To Girlfriend

This is pretty amazing. A backer of Zach Braff’s Kickstarter campaign for his new movie “Wish I Was Here” managed to get the actor and director to help him propose to his girlfriend. Matt Hulbert created a video for his girlfriend Janice, and the video… Read More

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