English Director Michael Apted Turns to Indiegogo For Third Film in “Married in America” Series

Michael Apted, is looking to the crowd for his new project. UP director has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $50,000 For his third film in the Married in America series.

Married in AmericaWhile describing the film on the campaigns website, Apted shared, “In 2001, I began to follow nine American couples on the verge of marriage.  I always wanted to explore what makes a committed relationship work.  And, I also wanted to look at how marriage is being redefined in the 21st century: more women becoming the major breadwinners, both spouses working full-time, bi-racial and interfaith marriages increasing, and same sex marriage becoming more accepted.”

“My goal is to film the couples over 20 years so we can show the significant changes that happen over time.  No one has ever done that before in a documentary about marriage.  We followed up the first film with Married in America  2, in 2007.”

“Along with my producers, Steven Lawrence and Dale Riehl, we started this project intending to make five films.  The first two were produced for cable networks and were widely acclaimed as the best and most insightful documentary programming ever made about marriage.  But we don’t have broadcaster financing now because most channels don’t make long-term commitments any more.”
“So, we’re starting the third film independently.  We have interest from public television stations, and public TV could be a great platform for the series because everyone in America could see it for free.”

Michael AptedAccording to the Hollywood Reporter, Apted revealed that while cable networks supported the first two films, crowdfunding is necessary to help launch the third. “The UP films worked because one company stood by them, but it’s much harder today in the TV business because agendas keep changing.”

Also sharing his thoughts about using the crowdfunding method, Apted added, “I’m very taken with it. People can contribute to what they want to see and become part of it. For an audience, that’s an empowering experience.”

In regards to the search in Married in America, Apted added, “My goal is to follow the couples for at least 20 years, something no one has done before in documentary filmmaking.”

The campaign is set to close on October 29th.



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