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Update: Loyalzoo’s Third Seedrs Campaign Overfunds

Retailer loyalty App Loyalzoo has successfully secured its third Seedrs campaign’s £240,000 funding target. In 2014, Loyalzoo raised £204,000 on Seedrs in less than two weeks, its funding goal of £120,000 was easily secured in less than 24 hours. The company then returned to Seedrs in 2015 and captured over £250,000 (originally seeking £170,000). As previously… Read More

Loyalzoo Announces New Handsfree Marketing Feature As Third Seedrs Campaign Nears £240,000 Funding Target

Retailer loyalty App Loyalzoo announced on Tuesday the launch of its new handfree marketing feature. This news comes just as its third equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs nears its £240,000 funding target. Loyalzoo App replaces the old school plastic loyalty cards with a consolidated app. It is targeting independent… Read More

Loyalzoo Surpasses Goal, Raises over £251K for Loyalty App on Seedrs

Retailer loyalty App Loyalzoo has raised over £251,395 in funding on its equity crowdfunding on Seedrs, having raised £170,000 in just three days in late April. To date 157 investors have helped the small company exceed its £250,002 goal for 12.15% equity in the company.  This campaign marks the second time… Read More

Loyalzoo Quickly Jumps Over £170,000 on Seedrs

Retailer loyalty App Loyalzoo has raised over £170,000 in just three days equity crowdfunding on Seedrs. To date 72 investors have backed the small company that hopes to raise a total of £250,002 for 12.15% equity in the company.  This is the second time Loyalzoo has… Read More

Loyalty App “Loyalzoo” Hits Crowdfunding Goal in 24 Hours on Seedrs

UK based Loyalzoo, a cloud-based loyalty app for independent shops and eateries has shared their success of their first crowdfunding campaign. The equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs hit its £120,000 target in less than 24 hours after going public. Based in Chiswick, West London, Loyalzoo… Read More

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