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Digital Asset Platform MEXC Introduces “Zero Maker Fee”

In September 2022, cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC had ranked among the major liquidity providers. Recently, MEXC announced the growth of its contract business, and its average daily trading volume has increased substantially, the firm claims. “Users first, MEXC‘s Changing for you” has been the service… Read More

M-Ventures under MEXC Completes Brand Upgrade, with Capital Scale Reaching $200M

On Sept. 28, during the Token2049 event in Singapore, MEXC Exchange officially announced at the MEXC afterparty “M&M Launcher” that its fund was officially “upgraded to M-Ventures and a new management team.” The upgraded M-Ventures is “a comprehensive fund committed to empowering innovations in the… Read More

MEXC Introduces $20M Ecosystem Fund Supporting Rollups on Bitcoin

MEXC, a global digital asset trading platform, has entered into a partnership to support the launch of “a rollup solution that is secured by the Bitcoin network.” Rollux OPv1 is Syscoin’s first in “a series of planned rollup implementations secured by Bitcoin’s own PoW network.”… Read More

Fetch.ai Network Onboards 40,000 New Users to its Machine Learning, AI-Powered Network

Fetch-ai Network has reportedly on-boarded 40,000 unique users and claims that it’s rapidly scaling its network usage. Fetch-ai Network’s announcement “comes on the heels of its $150 Million Development fund with MEXC Global and ByBit.” Fetch-ai Network’s unique technology called Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA) which… Read More

NFTs: MEXC Exchange Introduces Blue-Chip NFT Index to Lower Entry Barriers for Investors

When compared with early April 2022, the ETH price dropped from around $3579 to a low of approximately $880. But now, Ethereum has surged from the bottom to nearly $2,000 at the time of writing. If calculated in USDT, the price of the majority of… Read More

Digital Asset Platform MEXC Global Introduces MX/USDT Perpetual Trading

MEXC Global, a digital asset and cryptocurrency trading platform based in Estonia, has introduced the MX/USDT perpetual trading pair and supports 1-20x buying power “for long and short two-way trades, and this will significantly contribute to expansion of MX Futures and bring the MEXC ecosystem… Read More

Cryptocurrency Purchases with Bank Cards Now Supported by MEXC Global

MEXC Global, which claims to be a leading digital asset and cryptocurrency trading platform, reveals that it has taken steps towards improving the process of crypto purchases by offering investors in 180 countries the option of buying cryptocurrencies using Visa or Mastercard. Visa and Mastercard… Read More

MEXC Global Teams Up with Bybit to Establish $150M Fund for Fetch.ai Ecosystem Growth

The digital asset and cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC Global has announced an ecosystem fund of $150 million, along with Bybit, in order to support the ecosystem growth of Fetch.ai, a Cambridge-based AI lab building an open-access “decentralized” machine learning network for smart infrastructure. Known as… Read More

World Mobile Token (WMT) to List on Trio of Exchanges This Week

World Mobile Token (WMT), the token enabling an innovative global mobile network built on a sharing economy, will be listed on three cryptocurrency exchanges, the company announced this week. WMT will be available on Bitrue, an asset platform with Cardano native token support, and users in over… Read More

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