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Mimoona To Focus on Fashion Pretail Crowdfunding

Israel based crowdfunding platform Mimoona has taken a dramatic shift and they are shooting for a growing crowdfunding segment:  Pretail. Company founders Nadav Trenter Moser and Arik Marmorstein shared a video explanation regarding the companies shift.  Having participated in noted New York City incubator program… Read More

Mimoona Now Crowdfunding Fashion (Video)

Mimoona, a crowdfunding platform created in Israel in 2011 that previously was targeting the white label / self crowdfunding sector of the industry, has now adjusted their strategy and has decided to focus on the Fashion Industry. In an interview on Bloomberg, Nadav Trenter Moser… Read More

Center for Independent Documentary Taps Mimoona For Crowdfunding Platform

The Center for Independent Documentary has chosen Mimoona as the service provider for their new documentary-focused crowdfunding platform. Mimoona is one of a number of white-label crowdfunding platforms that enable entrepreneurs to launch a crowdfunding platform quickly and easily. Mimoona takes 2.5% of total funds raised… Read More

Mimoona Plug & Fund – White Label Crowdfunding in Minutes

Crowdfund Insider recently published a list of white label crowdfunding platforms available today.  As interest in crowdfunding has grown, the diversity of needs and requirements by different crowdfunding groups has created a growing and dynamic market for various platforms and options. Running y0ur own crowdfunding… Read More

Revolutionizing Crowdfunding – It`s like selling beer in a beer garden

I remember it as if it were yesterday, “Hey Arik, Mimoona is on the news”, my wife said over the phone. I wasn’t expecting it only 14 hours after we went live with our crowdfunding platform, we worked long and hard for this moment. My partner, Nadav,… Read More

Want To Keep All Your Kickstarter Money? Use These Services Instead

The two big names in crowdfunding are Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but it turns out that you have plenty of other options that grant you a degree of control over your campaign that the bigger names don’t. The advantages here are huge – keep all the money you… Read More

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