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Steven Teams Up with Minna Technologies to Enhance Subscription Management

Minna Technologies has announced a partnership with Steven, the financial health app touted as the “best way” to keep track of shared expenses and the “best app” for settling debts among friends and family members, by simplifying debts and reminding yourself and friends when to… Read More

Minna Technologies Introduces Merchant Solution to Address Subscription Cancellations

Minna Technologies recently announced the release of its Merchant Solution, “supporting subscription-based businesses with their need to retain, grow and acquire customers.” This recent announcement marks Minna’s expansion into the merchant community, “providing global subscription-based businesses with the ability to recover revenue from previously canceled… Read More

Over 1M Subscriptions Stopped by Consumers as Households Feel the “Squeeze,” Lloyds Bank Reveals

More than 1.2 million subscription payments have reportedly been stopped since summer 2021, as tech puts customers in greater control of their spending, according to data from Lloyds Bank. As noted in a blog post, popular TV, film and music streaming services “made up almost… Read More

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