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Gridiron Thunder Game for OUYA: Recap

Gridiron Thunder, an “Awesome Indie Football Game for OUYA” was successfully crowdfunded on September 8, 2013 after enduring a contentious and controversial campaign on Kickstarter.  Raising $171,009 on a goal of $75,000 the organizer MogoTXT threatened legal action against one of the backers in the… Read More

Gridiron Thunder Withdraws from OUYA’s Free The Games Fund (Updated)

Gridiron Thunder “Awesome Indie Football Game for OUYA” started with big expectations and much fanfare but slowly devolved into controversy and question.  The game was participating in OUYA’s Free the Games Fund and set to receive additional funding. The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter set a… Read More

Ouya Game Gridiron Thunder Eyes September 30th Release After Igniting Firestorm

Recently MogoTXT CEO Andrew Won told Joystiq that his Blitz-style NFL arcade game Gridiron Thunder will be released on September 30th. Won ignited a firestorm recently after threatening legal action against a backer via the commenting platform on Kickstarter. This was in the midst of his company’s… Read More

Controversial Kickstarter Gridiron Thunder Closes Fully Funded (Updated)

Gridiron Thunder closed today having raised $171,009 on a goal of $75,000.  The campaign caught an initial wave of interest and popular support, but then quickly dived into questions regarding the validity of some of the backer support.  At one point the project owners, MogoTXT,… Read More

Darkseas Games Blasts Gridiron Thunder In Kickstarter Comment

The MogoTXT and Gridiron Thunder situation is about to go full nuclear as another project creator and indie game developer, DarkSeas Games, has taken personal issue with the accusations surrounding Gridiron Thunder’s campaign. (We covered DarkSeas’s Kickstarted game here) Their comment reads as follows… We… Read More

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