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Hip Hop De La Soul Encourages Other Musicians to Use Crowdfunding Following Kickstarter Success (Video)

Despite what overly opinionated rocker Morrissey thinks, some artists actually enjoy using crowdfunding for their careers. Earlier this week, The Smith’s former bandmate revealed his distaste for crowdfunding and how he finds the method to be “desperate” and “insulting to fans”: “It is a desperate… Read More

Former Smith’s Rocker Morrissey: Crowdfunding Is Desperate & Insulting to Fans

While it seems as though more and more fan favorite musicians are taking to various crowdfunding platforms for their music/tour costs, former The Smith’s bandmate Morrissey is looking the other way when it comes to getting the funds for his projects. According to numerous media… Read More

Would you help to crowdfund a new Morrissey album?

Morrissey is able to sell out 20,000 capacity venues and stop meat being sold where he plays, but he hasn’t been able to get a record deal since releasing his 2009 album Years of Refusal. So Amanda Palmer, singer-songwriter and half of American band The… Read More

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