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Fintech ThinkMarkets Secures $40M in Capital to Accelerate Business Growth

Multi-asset digital trading Fintech ThinkMarkets has confirmed that it has finalized a $30 million round. The proceeds will be channeled towards supporting steady growth across existing and new business initiatives this year. Nauman Anees, Co-Founder and CEO of ThinkMarkets, stated: “Our exceptional growth in recent… Read More

ThinkCoin Partners with GMEX Group to Develop “Multi Asset Exchange”

ThinkCoin has entered into a partnership with GMEX Group, a crypto exchange and post-trade solutions platform. ThinkCoin is in the midst of an initial coin offering (ICO) with a hard cap of $30 million. GMEX’s Fusion platform combines centralised trading systems with blockchain technology. GMEX… Read More

Bitcoin & Other Crypto CFD Trading Now Available on ThinkMarkets

ThinkMarkets, a provider of financial derivatives trading, has expanded its offering of CFD [Contract for Difference] trading to the four most liquid Crypto currencies. ThinkMarkets has added Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC) CFDs to its MT4 and Trade Interceptor trading platforms…. Read More

ThinkMarkets Initiative Caters to Needs of Manual Trading Trend Shift

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ThinkMarkets Launch EA Buyback Campaign ThinkMarkets, a multi-asset brokerage, has launched an “EA Buyback initiative” designed to give FX traders more control through manual trading. The campaign is said to easily facilitate current Robo-Traders to switch over to ThinkMarkets’ ThinkTrader service. ThinkMarkets’ EA said their push comes… Read More

ThinkMarkets Launches German Website for FX Trading

ThinkMarkets, a global multi asset brokerage, has launched a new German website designed to cater to the requirements of the German speaking FX trading community. The site will target Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The new website offers ThinkMarkets’ ThinkTrader platform, offering access to all of… Read More

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