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Regulated Online Investment Platform TWINO Reports Steady Business Growth

European investment platform TWINO is sharing the latest performance and product updates. TWINO notes in a blog post that they see that November was an active month for the investors as they reportedly “have several ongoing campaigns and attractive investment opportunities on the platform.” TWINO’s… Read More

Estateguru Adds Google Authenticator to Provide Additional Security for Clients’ Accounts

Estateguru reveals that they have now added Google Authenticator, which should help with providing additional security for clients’ accounts. As noted in a blog post by Estateguru, cybercrime is on the rise “in the digital age, and the days when a simple password was enough… Read More

Investing Platform eToro Reveals Next Step in Diversification of Offerings with Interest on Cash Feature

eToro, the trading and investing platform, is today announcing its next step in the ongoing diversification of its offerings with the launch of an interest on cash feature. Accessible via eToro Options, interest on cash offers account holders 4.9% APR on cash balances within eligible… Read More

LoanPlus from Sri Lanka Joins PeerBerry Investment Platform

One more business partner, LoanPlus from Sri Lanka, joins the PeerBerry platform. LoanPlus will reportedly offer PeerBerry investors investments “in short-term loans with an 11.5% annual return.” Loans provided by LoanPlus to PeerBerry investors “include a buyback and a group guarantee.” LoanPlus (legal name AISIT… Read More

“High-Yield” Fractional Bonds Are Launching via Mintos

Mintos is pleased to announce the launch of high-yield Fractional Bonds via their platform. This offering from Mintos opens up the world of corporate bonds to their investors, “making it accessible and easy for anyone to diversify their portfolio with bonds.” Historically, bonds, especially high-yield… Read More

Real Estate Developer Lithome has Repaid a Loan of €320,000 and Paid €30,406 Interest to Investors

PeerBerry’s business partner – real estate developer Lithome – repaid investors a EUR 320 000 (real estate project “City Stories”, funding of the first construction stage) loan and paid EUR 30,406 in interest. PeerBerry closed one more record month – in September, PeerBerry investors funded… Read More

London’s Wealthtech Velexa, UnaFinancial to Introduce Digital Investing Platform in the UAE

UnaFinancial, a Singapore-headquartered Fintech group (previously known as Robocash), has teamed up with Velexa, a UK-based wealthtech firm, in order to introduce a digital investing platform in the UAE. UnaFinancial and Velexa revealed that the collaboration aims to leverage Velexa’s expertise in investment tech and… Read More

Debitum, a European Digital Debt Marketplace, Announces New Investment Options

Debitum reports that the month of July 2023 has started with several positive developments for existing and new investors. According to a blog post by Debitum, more investment options are available via the platform, and there is also an updated “Invite a friend” program conditions,… Read More

Bondora Originated €23.3M+ in Loans Last Month, a Record for the Investment Platform

The team at Bondora says that they truly believe in working hard and “celebrating hard.” Each update, no matter how small, should be acknowledged, the Bondora team added. And there were some significant milestones to celebrate in Q1 of 2023, the firm reveals. Bondora celebrated… Read More

Investment Platform Bondora Reports Originations Surpassing €19M, Investments Exceed €20M

2023’s figures continue to “exceed expectations,” according to an update from investment platform Bondora. Investments for February via Bondora have “topped €20M for the first time in years, with a total of €20,660,543.” Increasing by 12.2%, loan originations on Bondora “totaled €19,228,733.” This is the… Read More

Investment Platform Robo.cash Reports €12M in Returns to Investors in Past 6 Years

Around six years ago, the first loan on Robo.cash was purchased. Robo.cash says it is pleased to celebrate this event and thank their investors for being with them. As noted in a blog post by Robocash, here’s what have they’ve achieved over the years” 30,000+… Read More

Bondora Reports Strong Start in 2023 for Investments, Loan Originations

2023 starts where 2022 ended, with a “strong wave” of loan originations and investments. Investors added a total of €17,087,257 to their accounts, according to an update from Bondora. And loan originations also launched into the new year “with an impressive €17,137,703.” In January, 2,179… Read More

Investment Platform RoboCash Announces Changes in Interest Rates

Investment platform Robocash has announced that new rates “will apply to loans from 91 days to 3 years.” As most businesses of Robocash Group have currently achieved self-sustaining state, they are reportedly “reducing interest rates on several loan terms and do not plan to increase… Read More

Latvia’s Eleving Group Repays All Outstanding Belarus Investments

Eleving Group has shared its operational and financial updates. Eleving Group continues “to reduce its portfolio exposure in Belarus.” The portfolio “has substantially decreased during last year and continues to further amortize.” The impact of the portfolio reduction “has been minimal on the Group’s financials…. Read More

Bondora Reports Highest Loan Originations, Investment Figures for December 2022

The team at Bondora notes that 2022 ended strong “with impressive numbers across [their] portfolios.” December reportedly had “the highest loan originations and investment figures, over €1M in recoveries, and more.” In December, 1,500 new investors joined Bondora. Investors have “earned more than €88M in… Read More

European Financing Platform Debitum Reports Steady Performance for December 2022

The team at Debitum notes that the last month of 2022 “has brought positive and growing results for Debitum platform.” In December 2022, Debitum Asset-Backed Security offer “increased to 12 – TRIPLE DRAGON had 25 underlying assets in 5 ABSs, FLEXIDEA had 2 ABSs with… Read More

Bondora Sells Batch of Defaulted Loans to Enhance Operations, Firm Recognized as One of Estonia’s Top Tech Firms

Bondora notes that they aim to keep their portfolio in “top shape’ and generate continuous positive returns for investors. That’s why they’ve sold yet another batch of old defaulted loans in Estonia. However, the system update after this sale “caused a temporary reporting hitch that… Read More

European Investment Platform Debitum Reports 3,547 Registered Users, €72M in Total Funding Reached

The month of November has passed under the Triple Dragon birthday anniversary sign – with many offers from Debitum‘s Loan Originators and increased activity from the investors’ side. On the 1st of December 2022, Debitum Asset-Backed Security offer “was 11, TRIPLE DRAGON had 25 underlying… Read More

Investment Platform PeerBerry Reports that its Portfolio Exceeded €100M

PeerBerry moves to the new year with a “solid” portfolio – the current portfolio of investments in the platform “exceeded EUR 100 million.” This year, PeerBerry’s investors have already “funded over EUR 500 million of loans listed on the platform.” On average, PeerBerry investors “invest… Read More

European Investment Platform Bondora Reports Slight Decline in Origination Numbers

Investment figures and origination numbers dipped “slightly” in November, according to an update from Bondora. Investors added just shy of €14M to their accounts, Bondora revealed. And a total of just over €14M was “originated in loans across all [their] active markets.” Although they decreased,… Read More

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