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US based Neobank Aidbanc, which Launched in 2019, Plans to Empower NGOs by Providing Digital Banking, Spend Management Tools

Neobank Aidbanc, which launched operations last year, is reportedly planning to assist NGOs by providing them with digital banking and spend management software that they need to deliver financial aid. The proper distribution of financial aid can have a significant positive impact on the lives… Read More

Bengaluru-based Digital Bank RazorPay Reports “Tremendous Adoption” of Fintech and Virtual Payments Due to COVID-19

Bengaluru-based Digital Bank RazorPay reports that there has been a significant increase in the number of digital payments, following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. RazorPay notes in its recent report that only a month into the nationwide lockdown in India, there has been a noticeable shift… Read More

Crowdfundraiser Announces Fundraising Incentives for Charity Groups, Non-Profits and NGOs

Crowdfundraiser, a provider of online funding resources ranging from local projects to a charity events, announced discounts for charity groups, non-profits and NGOs looking to fundraise through the company’s platform.  Bellevue, Washington-based Crowdfundraiser doesn’t initially charge fees when individuals or groups post potential projects to… Read More

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