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Razorpay Takes Stride Toward Global Compliance for Export Payments with Video KYC Integration

Navigating regulatory requirements is crucial for businesses aiming to expand their reach across borders, according to an update from Razorpay. Razorpay claims that it has “taken a significant stride toward global compliance for export payments with the recent integration of Video KYC (Know Your Customer)… Read More

In-Store Payments: Indian Fintech Razorpay Reports that POS Service Recorded 60% Growth in Annualized Recurring Revenue

In today’s business landscape, customers demand a seamless checkout experience, and it’s crucial for businesses to “adapt to the evolving needs of the customers,” according to an update from Razorpay. From the outset, Razorpay claims it has “been unwavering in its commitment to providing seamless… Read More

Indian Fintech Razorpay Launches AI-Powered Solution to Streamline Digital Payments

Razorpay introduces what it claims is India’s “first” AI-powered payments Infinity Router – Razorpay Optimizer. Razorpay designed this solution “to help you make the smartest routing decisions when working with multiple payment gateways.” Using the Razorpay solution, businesses can “set up their own rules to… Read More

Indian Fintech Razorpay Introduces Global Payment Gateway with Curlec

Razorpay says they have always believed that simplifying payments is a universal problem. Businesses across the world grapple “with the same question: how can my payments experience be simpler, faster, and more efficient?” At Razorpay, they took this challenge head-on in India, “solving for tens… Read More

Indian Fintech Unicorn Razorpay Sets Up Advisory Board to Support Innovation, Corporate Governance

The team at Fintech Razorpay notes that they serve a “dynamic” country of constantly evolving, “exciting possibilities.” At Razorpay, they claim to be aware that they operate in an “equally dynamic” fintech environment. In order to adapt to this “ever-changing” world, it is imperative that… Read More

Indian Fintech Razorpay to Support Credit Cards on UPI Network

What was once an innovation is today “a way of life” for millions of consumers in India. Over the last two and a half years, transactions on the UPI network have “grown by a factor of 6 as digital payments have exploded in India,” according… Read More

Indian Fintech Razorpay Extends Support to Employees’ Families with Family Assurance Benefits Policy

Most of us might be spending around half of our lives at our workplaces, the team at Razorpay notes in a recent update. Razorpay points out that it might be better if our workplaces are “not just spaces that enhance professional growth, are fulfilling and… Read More

Indian Fintech Razorpay Acquires Ezetap to Build Full-Stack Omnichannel Payments Solution

It would be an understatement to say that the past couple years have been disruptive for businesses, the Razorpay team noted in a blog post. The pandemic led to major changes in consumer behavior and businesses had to adapt to the new environment and “new… Read More

Built for Indian Startups: RazorpayX, Razorpay Now Integrate with Slack

Indian Fintech firm Razorpay notes that Slack has become one of the “most popular” communication apps used in businesses today. As mentioned in a blog post by Razorpay, Slack is a digital workplace communication tool that “connects you to people and tools you work with.”… Read More

Chargebee Provides Solution to SaaS, Subscription Providers in India, Partners with Finech Razorpay

Chargebee, the subscription management platform, recently revealed it has teamed up with Razorpay, India’s full-stack financial solutions firm, in order to provide subscription billing services across the country. The collaboration confirms Chargebee’s ongoing commitment to customer growth and globalization with expanded capabilities to address complex… Read More

Indian Fintech Razorpay Teams Up with European Payments Network, Trustly

If you’re an Indian exporter, then you may need to care about the European market, according to an update from Razorpay. The European Union is reportedly India’s second-largest destination for exports and is India’s third-largest trading partner, “accounting for €62.8 billion worth of trade in… Read More

Indian Fintech Unicorn Razorpay Explains How RazorpayX Corporate Cards Can Help Businesses

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many businesses either started their first online marketing campaigns or scaled them “to make them more consistent,” the team at Razorpay notes. Not only that, many businesses “scaled the usage of SaaS tools and cloud servers that make operations… Read More

Indian Fintech Unicorn Razorpay Acquires Payments Tech Firm IZealiant Technologies

At Razorpay, they claim to have been driven by one fundamental question: “How can we improve the payments experience for our partner businesses and their end-consumers?” Razorpay writes in a blog post that they “constantly work to find solutions within.” At times, the Indian Fintech… Read More

Indian Fintech Unicorn Razorpay Explains Why Customers Abandon Online Shopping Carts

Indian Fintech firm Razorpay notes that cart abandonment makes a “serious dent” in a digital commerce company’s operations. You may ask e-commerce stores, and they will tell you how much it affects their business. And when it comes to stats and data, we can see… Read More

Digital Commerce: Indian Fintech Unicorn Razorpay Introduces Magic Checkout

Indian Fintech Unicorn Razorpay notes that it has been serving numerous digital commerce merchants with an intuitive, customer-friendly, and secure checkout experience for over six years. The company claims that its expertise makes them one of the best go-to checkout providers for merchants who want… Read More

Razorpay Acquires Malaysian Recurring Payments Provider Curlec For $19+M

Indian payments unicorn Razorpay has acquired a majority stake in Curlec, a Malaysian recurring payments solutions provider. The cost was just under $20 million. Curlec is the first international acquisition for Razorpay, and taken together with the previous ones it shows a very deliberate growth… Read More

Indian Fintech Unicorn RazorPay Introduces Automated Tax Solutions for Businesses

The team at Razorpay asks whether you’re aware of what’s one of the things that’s quite common among all Indian startup founders and business owners. According to Razorpay, they tend to struggle when managing tax and compliance payments. And, if you’ve just started your business,… Read More

Indian Fintech Unicorn Razorpay Is Simplifying Your API Experience by Launching their Public Postman Workspace

The team at Indian Fintech firm Razorpay notes that the developer experience is at the “core” of all their innovations. The Fintech Unicorn writes in a blog post that they know that you “love Postman for its simple platform for building and testing APIs.” Razorpay… Read More

Thinktac Lowers Administrative Overhead Expenses with RazorpayX Corporate Cards

RazorpayX Corporate Card is planning to take the hassle out of digital spending for businesses. According to Razorpay, which recently finalized a massive funding round, they are constantly evolving and trying to “address the needs of businesses by providing a wide range of features.” So,… Read More

Indian Fintech Razorpay Secures $375M via Series F Round at $7.5B Valuation

The month of December is always an “exciting month” for Razorpay, the company wrote in a blog post dated December 20, 2021. Razorpay added that it has celebrated its 7th year since launch. The firm reveals that what started off as an idea between Shashank… Read More

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