Crowdfundraiser Announces Fundraising Incentives for Charity Groups, Non-Profits and NGOs

Crowdfundraiser, a provider of online funding resources ranging from local projects Crowdfundraiserto a charity events, announced discounts for charity groups, non-profits and NGOs looking to fundraise through the company’s platform.  Bellevue, Washington-based Crowdfundraiser doesn’t initially charge fees when individuals or groups post potential projects to the site, rather, the discounts are applied when the final capital amounts are raised from the crowd.

“We wanted to incent non-profit crowdfunding on our site,” says Nate Nead, Crowdfundraiser President. “There is almost always a big gap in needed funding for non-profit groups. We would like to be a part of changing that by giving more incentives for non-profits who would like to use our system.”

According to the press release, non-profit organizations typically rely on the charitable donations of giving donors. Crowdfunding has helped to increase the frequency and ability for such groups to maximize donation power directly from larger groups. Crowdfundraiser simply provides the tools for starting a crowdfunding campaign and then sharing it with a potentially broader audience, especially social media channels are utilized.

“We found our greatest spikes in traffic have come from viral sharing through social media sites like Facebook & Twitter. However, we also recognize that while non-profit groups typically have some very worthwhile causes, it doesn’t mean people crowdfund for charity alone. In fact, crowdfunding for non-profits still requires giving donors something in return for their contribution to the campaign. Most non-profit groups are used to this type of mentality, including bake sales, t-shirt sales and other swag,” says Nead. “Our platform supports the ability to sell these different types of rewards. We’re simply working to enable money raising for nearly any group, opportunity or project.”

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