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North America’s First Simultaneous Cross Border Equity Crowdfunding Raise: Wafu

This is not the first international cross border equity crowdfunding offer, a title claimed by UK based Airline Odyssey, but this is a first for North America as consumer goods company WAFU has launched a duel listing in both Canada and the United States simultaneously…. Read More

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory Equity Crowdfunds on Optimized Capital Markets

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory Corp. has launched its initial crowd offering on Optimized Capital Markets . The company wants to be a “National Canadian Destination” with a truly innovative and unique offering in North America. It will be situated in the Madawaska Highlands of Ontario, 1.5… Read More

Brief: CAIL Mobile Solutions Turns to Optimize Capital Markets for Crowdfunding Round

CAIL Mobile Solutions has chosen Optimize Capital Markets to launch a round to seek $2 million in growth capital and production development. CAIL is creating more  than  just opportunity  for  their clients. A software platform designed to provide seamless solutions to enterprises looking to amplify current… Read More

Eggshell Resources Selects Optimize Capital Markets to Raise Funds

Canada based organic manufacturing company Eggshell Resources, has chosen Optimize Capital Markets to list its equity crowdfunding offering for a total of $3 million in growth capital and product development. Eggshell Resources,  has developed a technology that extracts the protein and calcium from eggshells to… Read More

Mitomics Turns to Optimized Capital Markets for Crowdfunding Round

Mitomics Seeks $5 Million in Equity Crowdfunding on Optimize Capital Markets. Mitomics has positioned their company to be a leaders in the niche market of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) technology. They claim their unique structural and functional characteristic of mtDNA make it a highly sought after system… Read More

Woody Harrelson Stumps for Prairie Paper Ventures Equity Offering

Woody Harrelson is of course best known for his many successful films and television characters including the recent mega-hit Hunger Games series.  What many people do not know is that he is also an avid environmentalist and entrepreneur.  Now you can add crowdfunder to Woody’s… Read More

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