Mitomics Turns to Optimized Capital Markets for Crowdfunding Round

Mitomics Seeks $5 Million in Equity Crowdfunding on Optimize Capital Markets.

Mitomics has positioned their company to be a leaders in the niche market of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) technology. They claim their unique structural and functional characteristic of mtDNA make it a highly sought after system for discovery in biomarking, early disease detection, monitoring, and risk assessment.


The proprietary Mitomic Technology has been able to address many of the limitations of current disease detection methods and provides significant benefits over traditional DNA-based biomarker and tests. The future of cancer research is at an integral period of growth because of Mitomics innovative research and discovery. The approaches taken to provide such services are non-invasive, reliable, and cost effective.

Optimize states the company requires an investment of less than $2 million to develop a new product, it can also be launched in as little as 12 to 24 months; whereas other medical research organizations have dedicated their lives to providing a quality product that does not compare to Mitomics.

Since 2001, the research team has generated significant discoveries and intellectual property assets relating to early disease detection, mitochondrial biology and mitochondrial genomics. Owning all of its patents and patent applications, the patent portfolio now includes filings totaling over 100 applications in 9 patent families. Filing worldwide throughout the PCT  (Patent Cooperation Treaty), patents have now been granted in Canada, USA, EU, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia. The feature product, Prostate Core Mitomic Test, is able to detect prostate cancer in 85 of 100 men with a missed tumor.

It is also able to confirm a negative or benign prostate cancer biopsy result in 92 of 100 men that are cancer free. With no plans to settle, Mitomics pledges to continue to develop more patents and new products every year. Sourcing for external support, Mitomics chose to invest their resources to Optimize Capital Markets.

Optimize Capital MarketOptimize Capital Markets is seeking to build the largest crowdfunding portal in North America, where institutional and accredited investors can discover and trade in investment opportunities online. Its institutional crowdfunding platform serves as a highly structured online portal for financing and investing opportunities. The most typical companies looking for funding are established firms with skilled leadership and innovative technologies. Typical deals include companies in the clean tech and lift sciences sectors along with innovative technology firms.

Mitomics has listed their “Initial Crowdfunding Offering” ICO for a total of $5 million in growth capital and product development.


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