Oscar Jofre

2016 World Domination: The New Finance

Banking, finance, and insurance have been largely constant and unchanging for decades. It’s been the very definition of an “old boys’ club”, static, institution, monopolistic, and powerful.  Competition hasn’t come from within, at least not to the same extent that it once did, with monster… Read More

All hands on deck!

All too often the responsibility of a company raising capital is left in the hands of a few people in the company and that weighs on them and affects everyone.  The majority of the team is left out of the process, carrying on day to… Read More

North America’s First Simultaneous Cross Border Equity Crowdfunding Raise: Wafu

This is not the first international cross border equity crowdfunding offer, a title claimed by UK based Airline Odyssey, but this is a first for North America as consumer goods company WAFU has launched a duel listing in both Canada and the United States simultaneously…. Read More

Want to make your App Idea a Reality? New Crowdfunding Platform AppVested is Here to Help

Now you can.. Yes one of the worlds first equity crowdfunding portal for the mobile app sector has emerged. Earlier this spring WSJ.com shouted that the Apps market was rocketing towards $25 billion in sales.  A pretty incredible amount when you consider the app market… Read More