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Zamna Raises $5 Million to Automate Airport Security Via Blockchain Technology

Blockchain startup Zamna recently raised $5 million through a seed funding round led by venture capital firms LocalGlobe and Oxford Capital for the ongoing development of the company’s airport security system. Previously called VChain Technology, Zamna’s latest investment round was also joined by British Airways’… Read More

UK Insurtech Platform Wrisk Nears £1M Milestone on Seedrs

The Seedrs alum Wrisk began its second crowdfunding campaign in May — its second within a year — and is crushing it again within a few weeks. Having already raised over £954,550 on its current Seedrs convertible campaign (a mere £500K was the platform’s initial goal),… Read More

Huge Year for Seedrs: Crowdfunding Platform Raises £125 Million in 2017 in Record Number of Deals

Seedrs, a UK based crowdfunding platform, has published full year results for 2017.  According to the company, during the year £125 million was invested in 168 different deals – the biggest year since platform launch. Investors came from 58 different countries making more than 46,700… Read More

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