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Overfunding: Insurtech Startup Wrisk Secures 750,000 Funding Target Through Latest Seedrs Round

UK-based insurtech Wrisk has successfully secured £750,000 through its third equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The funding round was launched less than a year after the startup raised £1 million through its second Seedrs initiative. Wrisk is aiming to shake up the antiquated insurance industry… Read More

Insurtech Startup Wrisk Returns to Seedrs; Now Seeking £750,000

Less than a year after raising £1 million through its second Seedrs campaign, insurtech startup Wrisk has returned to the equity crowdfunding platform, now seeking an additional £750,000.  As previously reported, the insurtech is seeking to shake up the antiquated insurance industry with their smartphone… Read More

Update: Insurtech Startup Wrisk’s Latest Seedrs Funding Round Surpasses £1 Million

Just a few weeks after launching its second equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, insurtech startup Wrisk has successfully surpassed £1 million thanks to more than 800 investors. The campaign was launched last month and quickly secured its initial £500,000 funding target. As previously reported, the insurtech is seeking… Read More

UK Insurtech Platform Wrisk Nears £1M Milestone on Seedrs

The Seedrs alum Wrisk began its second crowdfunding campaign in May — its second within a year — and is crushing it again within a few weeks. Having already raised over £954,550 on its current Seedrs convertible campaign (a mere £500K was the platform’s initial goal),… Read More

Insurtech Startup Wrisk Returns to Seedrs & Quickly Secures £500,000 Funding Target

Just a little over six months after launching its first equity crowdfunding campaign, UK-based insurtech Wrisk returned to Seedrs and has quickly secured its initial £500,000 funding target. As previously reported, Wrisk is seeking to shake up the antiquated insurance industry with their smartphone app that makes purchasing insurance… Read More

Fintech Sandbox: Financial Conduct Authority Provides Update on Participants

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has just released an update on their regulatory Sandbox created to help aspiring Fintech firms to navigate the labyrinth of financial services rules. The trailblazing project, which has been replicated around the world, kicked off in 2014 and the… Read More

Insurtech Startup Wrisk Launches Equity Crowdfunding Offer on Seedrs

Wrisk wants to give insurance a digital upgrade and it is crowdfunding on Seedrs to finance its vision of of insurance. Wrisk is seeking a minimum raise of £500,000 at a pre-money valuation of £7 million. Launched today, the Insurtech company has already raised over… Read More

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