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Seedrs Promotes Several Executives, Jeff Kelisky to Exit CEO Position

Following the news that they are cutting employee headcount in Europe, Seedrs has promoted several executives while revealing the departure of its CEO. According to a blog post authored by Seedrs founder and Executive Chairman Jeff Lynn – John Lake and Joel Ippoliti have leveled up within… Read More

Seedrs Gains ECSPR Approval, Authorized in Ireland to Provide Investment Crowdfunding Across the EU

It was more a question of when. Today, Seedrs has issued a statement today that it has been approved under ECSPR – European Crowdfunding Services Provider regulation – to facilitate online capital formation across the EU. Owned by US-based Fintech Republic, Seedrs is already one… Read More

Seedrs CEO: We are seeing green shoots of renewed positivity for tech on our platform”

Seedrs CEO Jeff Kelisky says it is time to “double down on the bustling UK tech sector.” In a blog post, Kelisky noted that expectations are for VC funding in European startups to be over 50% less in 2023 than in 2021 due to the… Read More

Seedrs Comments on Challenging Private Securities Market

Seedrs has been a bit quieter following its acquisition by Republic but in recent days, the company has posted a comment on platform activity without providing and metrics. Published by Seedrs CEO and Republic EVP Jeff Kelisky, he noted the challenging economic environment that is… Read More

Seedrs Publishes a Report Outlining Sector Investments: Climatetech is Big

Seedrs, one of the largest securities crowdfunding platforms in the world after it combined with Republic, has published a report on investment activity on its platform.  The Republic deal closed during Q4, and Seedrs is now poised to provide investment opportunities across Europe, under ECSPR… Read More

Seedrs Took 8 Years to Top £1 Billion, 2 Years Later it Surpassed £2 Billion

Ten-year-old securities crowdfunding platform Seedrs has recently posted a blog on platform capital raising, which highlights sector growth. Seedrs reports that it took 8 years to top £1 billion in funding raised, but two years later, Seeders has doubled that amount surpassing £2 billion this… Read More

Terminated: Merger Between Seedrs and Crowdcube is Cancelled; Seedrs Announces New Funding

Yesterday it was reported that the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had provisionally decided to not allow the merger between Seedrs and Crowdcube. The two securities crowdfunding platforms combined were seen as dominating online capital formation for early-stage ventures to the point it would… Read More

UK Competition and Markets Authority Not Inclined to Approve Seedrs-Crowdcube Merger

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has announced its provisional finding indicating it is not inclined to approve the merger between Seedrs and Crowdcube. In its decision, the CMA said the combined company would control at least 90% of the UK crowdfunding market thus… Read More

Passion Capital Lists £45 Million Fund on Seedrs

Passion Capital, an early-stage tech VC firm, has listed its Passion Capital Fund III on Seedrs. Registered investors on the Seedrs platform will have the opportunity to invest in the £45 million fund. Seedrs reports that this partnership is the first time a Europe-based private… Read More

Seedrs Tops £1 Billion in Platform Investments, Reports 17 Exits for Investors

Seedrs has topped £1 billion in total investments according to a note posted by the investment crowdfunding platform. Launched in 2012 by co-founders Jeff Lynn and Carlos Silva, the platform was the first of its kind to receive regulatory approval to operate by the UK… Read More

Bigger is Better: Crowdcube and Seedrs Agree to Merge, Jeff Kelisky to be CEO of Combined Firm

Crowdcube and Seedrs, the two dominant crowdfunding platforms in the UK, have put aside any competitive friction and agreed to merge the two platforms subject to regulatory and shareholder approval. The merger will combine the two dominant private investment platforms in the UK while creating… Read More

Seedrs Secondary Market Now Serves Other Private Securities, Not Just Crowdfunded Issuers

SafeToNet is First Company to Direct List on Seedrs Secondary Market. Seedrs, a leading online investment platform, has opened up its secondary trading platform to any private security. The move was anticipated and previously revealed as Seedrs further leverages its tech stack. Seedrs is the… Read More

Seedrs Reports Record Breaking Transactions as Dynamic Pricing is Added to Secondary Market of Crowdfunded Securities

In July, Seedrs revealed an update to its Secondary Market that enabled dynamic pricing (or variable pricing) for securities trading on its in-house marketplace. Seedrs explained at that time that previously a seller would list shares on the Seedrs Secondary Market at a price determined… Read More

Seedrs and Insurtech UK Join to Facilitate Funding in Hot Insurtech Sector

The insurance industry is enormous and many industry followers believe it is ripe for disruption. In light of this, top UK crowdfunding platform Seedrs and Insurtech UK have formed a new partnership to match investors interested in the sector with promising Insurtech startups. According to… Read More

5th Exit this Year: As Platform Matures, Seedrs Reports Growing Number of Exits

Seedrs, a leading UK based investment crowdfunding platform, has experienced five company exits since January. Meanwhile, platform investment has grown by 49% during 2019 – even during the midst of a global pandemic. Seedrs states that each exit has generated positive returns for investors. Seedrs’… Read More

Seedrs Partners with Capdesk, Seedrs Secondary Market Now Enables Non Seedrs Portfolio Firms to Trade on Platform

Capdesk – Seedrs Partnership Creates First Private Secondary Market for Shareholders and Employees in Europe Seedrs, a top UK based investment crowdfunding platform, is unique in the fact it has created a viable secondary marketplace for private securities issued via the platform. By enabling investors… Read More

Seedrs Booms. Crowdfunding Grows 49% as Record £283 Million is Invested into Securities Offerings

Seedrs, a leading investment crowdfunding platform in the UK and a trailblazer in online capital formation, has announced 2019 investment numbers. According to a release, Seedrs had a record-breaking year with the highest levels of investment than in all prior years. The investment activity was… Read More

Jeff Kelisky CEO of Seedrs: A Marketplace That Lets Everybody Play, From Seed-Stage to Pre-IPO

The United Kingdom is home to the most robust investment crowdfunding ecosystem in the world. A determined group of innovative entrepreneurs and a collaborative regulatory environment have combined to foster a successful industry of online capital formation that most countries aspire to achieve. While there… Read More

Seedrs AutoInvest BOT Moves Out of Beta

Seedrs, a leading UK based online investment platform, has announced that its AutoInvest product is now availalbe. The feature launched in Beta mode in mid-2018 and enables investors to fully customize their individual criteria and “Build Your Own Bot” to efficiently create investment portfolios of… Read More

Seedrs Portfolio Update: Platform Wide IRR Stands at 12.02%

Equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs has published a portfolio update of issuers raising capital on its platform.  According to the company, the 577 deals that have raised money from July 2012 to the end of 2017 have generated a platform wide internal rate of return (IRR)… Read More

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