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Hero Token ICO Says $30+ Million Raised in Under 12 Hours

The Hero Token ICO, launched on February 1st, reports it raised more than $30 million within the first 12 hours. Hero Token says it reached it’s soft-cap back in November during a 24h pre-sale for early investors. The public ICO is ongoing and as of this… Read More

Hero Plans Initial Coin Offering: Financial Return & Social Impact with Affordable & Available Access to Credit

The Future of Banking is Blockchain and Hero Wants to be the One Hero, part of the PawnHero online lending platform, is preparing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). You may read the white paper in English here.  PawnHero is an already successful secured lending platform… Read More

PawnHero Announces Partnership With PLDT Fintech Arm FINTQ


PawnHero, Southeast Asia’s first online pawn shop, has reportedly formed a partnership with the fintech arm of PLDT, FINTQ. This news comes just after the platform announced it secured $9.7 million through a financing deal with a Philippine investment bank. According to DealStreetAsia, FINTQ runs… Read More

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