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Seedrs Alum Perkbox Receives $8.6 Million Investment From Draper Esprit

London-based employee engagement platform Perkbox has receives a $8.6 million (6.6 million) from venture capital firm, Draper Esprit. This news comes nearly nine months after the company secured more than £4,3 million on equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs. As previously reported, Perkbox has more than 300,000 paying… Read More

Seedrs Wants to Boost UK’s Startup Ecosystem with Alumni Club Re-Launch

Seedrs, “the most active investor in UK private companies” is rebooting its Alumni Club portal to reposition the value proposition for early stage businesses in the UK. According to Seedrs, this relaunch comes with some prominent names dedicated to boosting UK entrepreneurs. The partner companies… Read More

Seedrs Alum Perkbox Appoints Former Yahoo! Finance Manager Rob Gorle As Finance Director

Seedrs alum and growing employee/customer engagement firm, Perkbox, announced on Thursday it has appointed former Yahoo! finance manager, Rob Gorle, as its new finance manager. According to Perkbox, the appointment forms part of its expansion plans in the UK and internationally. Perkbox reported as finance director, Gorle… Read More

Seedrs Success Perkbox Expands Operations By Opening New Sheffield Office

Perkbox, a leading employee and customer engagement provider, announced on Monday it expanded its operations by opening a new office in Sheffield. This news comes just a few months after the company secured £4.353 million through equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs. As previously reported, Perkbox has attracted over… Read More

Perkbox is Seedrs Biggest Funded Deal to Date at £4.35 Million

Coming off their best month ever, UK based equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs has labeled Perkbox their biggest crowdfunding round to date.  Perkbox set out to raise £1.5 million.  The offer closed at £4.353 million at the end of October. Perkbox had a pre-money valuation of… Read More

Record Breaking Month for Seedrs

Investment crowdfunding platform Seedrs has had a record breaking month. This is according to an update by the platform stating almost £20 million was invested via their site during October. Seedrs pointed to Perkbox, a current listing that has raised over £4.1 million for 5.21%… Read More

Andy Murray Invests in WeSwap & Perkbox on Seedrs

Andy Murray, a top-ranked professional tennis player, and advisor to Seedrs, has reportedly invested in WeSwap and Perkbox on the equity crowdfunding platform for undisclosed amounts. Both companies have already had some exciting success on the website, with WeSwap securing its initial £1 million funding target before… Read More

Update: Seedrs Funding Perkbox Receives £2.5M Backing From Draper Esprit

Following the launch of its already successful equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, employee and customer engagement provider Perkbox reportedly received a £2.5 million backing from Draper Esprit. As previously reported,  Perkbox has already attracted more than 300,000 paying members ranging from SMEs to large corporations including British… Read More

London’s Employee & Customer Engagement Provider Perkbox Quickly Secures £1.5M Funding Goal on Seedrs

Perkbox, an employee and customer engagement provider, recently launched its first equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to raise £1.5 million as it prepares to expand. Within a matter of days, the initiative successfully secured its initial funding target. Since its debut in January 2015, Perkbox has… Read More

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