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UK Private Equity Deal Value Increased Substantially QoQ in Q2 2023, Deal Count Increased for 4th Straight Quarter – Report

In Q2 2023, UK private equity (PE) deal value “increased 13.2% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) while the estimated deal count increased for the fourth straight quarter, signalling the start of a potential recovery in UK dealmaking,” according to an update from Pitchbook. Pitchbook noted that “in light… Read More

Crypto VC Investments Shift Towards Infrastructure Development, Move Away from Speculative NFTs, Metaverse Projects: Report

For VCs, the negative impact of Bitcoin’s (BTC) disappointing 2022 run has had long-term adverse effects on the larger crypto and blockchain ecosystem. Although the flagship cryptocurrency has recovered to some extent, surging around 55% during 2023, investments in crypto-related startups have declined for the… Read More

Percentage of Down Rounds at Four-Year High as Venture Funding Dries Up: Report

The percentage of down rounds has increased to a four-year high, according to a recent report by Pitchbook. According to the report, the environment is very “investor friendly” as valuations have gone into reverse. Pitchbook says that “non-traditional investors” drive valuations, and this crew has… Read More

Enterprise Fintech VC Deal Activity Continued to Decelerate in Q2 2023, Report Reveals

Enterprise fintech VC deal activity continued “to decelerate in Q2,” according to a comprehensive update from Pitchbook. VC deal value this quarter has reportedly “decreased 11.9% YoY to $10.6 billion.” Excluding the Stripe deal, VC deal value “was $3.7 billion, representing declines of 69.2% YoY… Read More

Underperformance from Private Equity Funds Expected, Relative to Public Equities, Resulting in Flattish Absolute Returns: Pitchbook

Without offsetting topline growth or debt reduction, management will need to increase efficiency and reduce investment “to retain earnings power and, even then, may face lower valuation multiples,” the team at Pitchbook noted in a comprehensive market update. Hence, Pitchbook now expects further underperformance “from… Read More

Shares of Recently Publicly Traded Fintech, Payments IPOs Outperformed Nasdaq, S&P 500’s Q2 Returns: Report

Analysts at Pitchbook have shared key insights covering major developments in Fintech and the payments sector. As noted in the report from Pitchbook, shares of recently publicly traded fintech & payments IPOs “rose by 21.2% in Q2, notably outperforming the Nasdaq’s 12.8% and S&P 500’s… Read More

Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network Development Is Nascent, But Considerable Progress Has Been Made: Report

While Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) development is still nascent, there has “been considerable progress over the past five years with startups seeking to disrupt traditional, multibillion-dollar infrastructure industries such as server (cloud), wireless telecom, sensor networks, and energy and transportation,” according to an update… Read More

AI-Focused VC Activity Surged During Q1 based on OpenAI’s Unconventional Corporate Investment from Microsoft: Pitchbook Report

VC activity ticked up in Q1 based on OpenAI’s unconventional corporate investment from Microsoft, according to an update from Pitchbook. Pitchbook has reportedly tracked $22.7 billion in investment during the quarter, “including $12.7 billion from generative AI investments including OpenAI.” If OpenAI’s deal is excluded,… Read More

Real Estate Funds Raised Over $128B Across 267 Vehicles in Past Year: Report

High interest rates, persistent inflation, and the denominator effect hit private real estate hard in 2022. This, as private real estate funds “raised $128.6 billion across 267 vehicles, down 28.4% from the $179.6 billion raised by 549 funds in 2021,” according to an update by… Read More

Fundraising Report: Regulation, Denominator Effect to Impact Fund Managers’ Abilities to Grow Asset Base

When the Tide Goes Out, could have long-term implications for private markets, according to a recent update from Pitchbook. A report from Pitchbook notes that asset growth from fund performance and future fundraising are the two most important variables in their estimates, and they are… Read More

Crypto VC Deal Activity Declined Sharply in Q4 2022: Report

At -47.9%, crypto VC deal activity “continued to decline sharply in the fourth quarter of 2022,” according to an update from Pitchbook. Pitchbook noted in their latest report that the vertical’s third consecutive QoQ “decline to $2.5 billon is the lowest amount of capital invested… Read More

Global M&A Activity Remained Resilient in 2022 Despite Harsh Macroeconomic Headwinds: Report

In 2022, global M&A activity “remained resilient despite harsh macroeconomic headwinds that persisted throughout the year,” according to an update from Pitcbbook. Compared with 2021, M&A value “declined 13.7% to $4.7 trillion but was strong relative to historic levels and marked its second-best year.” Pitchbook… Read More

Insurtech Firms Could Become Acquisition Targets of Incumbents as Valuations Remain Depressed: Report

In Q3 2022, Insurtech companies globally “raised $1.6 billion in VC across 134 deals, representing a 51.1% decrease in QoQ deal value,” according to an update from Pitchbook. This was “the lowest amount of invested capital since Q2 2020 and the lowest deal count since… Read More

Fintech Investments Focused on Retail Vertical Increased 78.6% Compared to 2019: Report

Venture capitalists invested “a record $41.0 billion into the retail fintech vertical in 2021, representing a 78.6% increase compared with 2019’s $23.0 billion,” according to an update from Pitchbook. VC investments into the banking and credit and wealthtech segments “drove this increase.” As of Q3… Read More

Credit, Real Estate Attracted More Interest As Market Conditions Worsened for Equity Investing: Pitchbook Report

As conditions continue to tighten, the public alternative asset managers “remain optimistic and feel their respective firms are in a good position to take advantage of opportunities that will present themselves over the next several quarters,” according to an update from Pitchbook. The Pitchbook report… Read More

VC Pre-Money Valuations Remained Robust During Q3 2022: Pitchbook Report

Venture capital (VC) pre-money valuations remained robust through Q3 2022, as bearish macroeconomic outlooks spread across Europe,” the team at Pitchbook noted. Pitchbook also mentioned that “the drop off in public market capitalizations has not filtered into the VC ecosystem, with the valuations of VC-backed… Read More

1-Year Private Fund Performance at Historically High Levels: Pitchbook Report

Hilary Wiek, CFA, CAIA Lead Analyst, Fund Strategies & Sustainable Investing at Pitchbook, notes that through the first quarter of 2022, one-year private fund performance was still “at historically high levels, as more muted performance in Q1 2022 was still overcome by three quarters of… Read More

VC Activity in AI and Machine Learning Declines Significantly in Q2: Report

Venture capital (VC) funding slid more deeply in AI & ML than in software overall in Q2, “falling 27.8% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) compared to 21.6% for IT more generally.” according to an update from Pitchbook. Both deal value and deal count “fell to their lowest levels… Read More

Digital Commerce Now One of the Largest Emerging Tech Segments: Report

The Emerging Tech Indicator (ETI), released by Pitchbook, provides a quarterly review of seed- and early-stage investment activity “involving a limited subset of the world’s most successful venture capital (VC) firms.” The analysis provides “a unique perspective into the types of technologies top investors view… Read More

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