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Retail Fintech VC Deal Value Declined 15.3% YoY, 30.8% QoQ to $1.9B – Report

PitchBook has provided a comprehensive update focused on the retail Fintech sector. PitchBook provides insights in its report on Deal value: Retail fintech VC deal value continued to be muted, “declining 15.3% YoY and 30.8% QoQ to $1.9 billion in Q1 2024.” Aside from the… Read More

Enterprise Fintechs Continued to Claim Higher Portion of VC Deal Value than Retail Fintech Firms – Report

PitchBook has released their latest retail Fintech ecosystem report. PitchBook has commented on their Total deal value: They claim to  have reportedly “recorded $3.2 billion in enterprise fintech VC deal value in Q1 2024, denoting decreases of 36.0% QoQ and 72.9% YoY.” VC deal value… Read More

Retail Fintech VC Deal Value Surged to $2.6 Billion in Q4 2023 – Report

Retail Fintech VC deal value rose 5.0% QoQ to $2.6 billion in Q4 2023, according to recent updates from Pitchbook. However, deal value remained down by 18.2% YoY, the Pitchbook report noted. While this represents the third quarter in a row where VC deal value… Read More

Private Equity Fundraising Declined Globally to $554B in Past Year – Report

Private equity fundraising declined by around 1.2% globally to $554 billion last year, according to data shared by PitchBook. And the number of funds declined by around 46% to 647 from 1,192. Funds of $5 billion or more reportedly accounted for almost 50% of 2023’s… Read More

Journey from First to Sophomore Funds Has Never Been More Challenging, Analysis Reveals

Recent PitchBook data shows that the journey from a first to a sophomore fund has never been so challenging. Historically, when we examine the period from 2006 to 2018, 63% of first-time managers had been able to secure a second fund, however, the present environment… Read More

Fintech M&A Activity Declines YoY as Acquisitions Favor Enterprise Fintechs – Report

An extensive report has been shared, entitled Financial Fusion: Fintech’s M&A Landscape Unveiled: A guide to fintech M&A and the next wave of deals, by the researchers at Pitchbook. PitchBook says that the Fintech sector continues to attract substantial investments but certain segments might have… Read More

US Venture Capital Market Report: Pricing Pressure Hasn’t Forced Pre-Seed, Seed-Stage Valuations Below 2021 Highs

Though the venture market was in a state of declines over the past couple of years, much of the pricing pressure has not yet forced pre-seed or seed-stage valuations below the highs of 2021, according to an update from Pitchbook. While it’s true this area… Read More

Digital Commerce Enablement Startup Ecosystem Experienced Contraction in Deal Value and Count – Report

The e-commerce enablement startup ecosystem has reportedly experienced a modest contraction in both deal value and count in Q3, “totaling $1.6 billion across 93 deals, decreases of 16.3% and 17.0%, respectively,” according to a recent update from Pitchbook. Pitchbook noted that both figures “reflect more… Read More

Insurtech Sector Investments Increased in Deal Value But Flat in Terms of Deal Count – Report

In Q3 2023, $1.7 billion was invested across 115 deals, “representing an increase of 53.0% in deal value but roughly flat in terms of deal count, QoQ,” according to the latest Insurtech industry report from Pitchbook. The deal value was “the highest amount over the… Read More

VCs Claim AI Leads Innovation, But Are Cautiously Optimistic about IPOs and Cognizant of Geopolitical Risk – Report

PitchBook,  a Morningstar company providing comprehensive, accurate, and “hard-to-find” data for professionals doing business in the private markets, notes in an update that VCs say AI [artificial intelligence] leads innovation, are cautiously optimistic about IPOs, and are cognizant of geopolitical risk. In a note from… Read More

UK Macro- and Microeconomic Trends Reveal Key Insights About Venture Capital Funding, Business Growth – Report

Pitchbook notes that their extensive Country Snapshot series provides an overview of both macroeconomic and microeconomic trends in the region, “covering various countries across Europe.” Pitchbook researchers look at how “both public and private data points have trended in Q3 for the UK.” As noted… Read More

Enterprise Fintech VC Deal Activity Saw Slight Uptick in Q3 – Report

Enterprise fintech VC deal activity saw a slight uptick in Q3. Deal value rose from $3.9 billion in Q2 to $4.1 billion, “representing a 5.1% QoQ increase. On a YoY basis, however, deal value was down 33.0%, highlighting the more conservative deployment of capital from… Read More

Real Estate Report: Increased Rates have Translated into Higher Debt Costs that have Moderated Achievable Returns in Property Markets

Six months into 2023, private real estate was still “weathering ongoing macroeconomic headwinds,” according to an update shared by Pitchbook. In the US, the federal funds rate “has steadily increased since March 2022, hovering within a range of 5.0% and 5.25% as of the end… Read More

Private Equity Deal Value in France Came in Above Q2 2022 Levels and Increased QoQ in Q2 – Report Reveals

Pitchbook introduces their research series: Country Snapshots in which they provide an overview of macroeconomic and microeconomic trends in various regions spanning both private and public markets. Here is what Pitchbook highlighted for Q2 in France: Contrary to VC, PE deal value in France “came… Read More

UK Private Equity Deal Value Increased Substantially QoQ in Q2 2023, Deal Count Increased for 4th Straight Quarter – Report

In Q2 2023, UK private equity (PE) deal value “increased 13.2% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) while the estimated deal count increased for the fourth straight quarter, signalling the start of a potential recovery in UK dealmaking,” according to an update from Pitchbook. Pitchbook noted that “in light… Read More

Crypto VC Investments Shift Towards Infrastructure Development, Move Away from Speculative NFTs, Metaverse Projects: Report

For VCs, the negative impact of Bitcoin’s (BTC) disappointing 2022 run has had long-term adverse effects on the larger crypto and blockchain ecosystem. Although the flagship cryptocurrency has recovered to some extent, surging around 55% during 2023, investments in crypto-related startups have declined for the… Read More

Percentage of Down Rounds at Four-Year High as Venture Funding Dries Up: Report

The percentage of down rounds has increased to a four-year high, according to a recent report by Pitchbook. According to the report, the environment is very “investor friendly” as valuations have gone into reverse. Pitchbook says that “non-traditional investors” drive valuations, and this crew has… Read More

Enterprise Fintech VC Deal Activity Continued to Decelerate in Q2 2023, Report Reveals

Enterprise fintech VC deal activity continued “to decelerate in Q2,” according to a comprehensive update from Pitchbook. VC deal value this quarter has reportedly “decreased 11.9% YoY to $10.6 billion.” Excluding the Stripe deal, VC deal value “was $3.7 billion, representing declines of 69.2% YoY… Read More

Underperformance from Private Equity Funds Expected, Relative to Public Equities, Resulting in Flattish Absolute Returns: Pitchbook

Without offsetting topline growth or debt reduction, management will need to increase efficiency and reduce investment “to retain earnings power and, even then, may face lower valuation multiples,” the team at Pitchbook noted in a comprehensive market update. Hence, Pitchbook now expects further underperformance “from… Read More

Shares of Recently Publicly Traded Fintech, Payments IPOs Outperformed Nasdaq, S&P 500’s Q2 Returns: Report

Analysts at Pitchbook have shared key insights covering major developments in Fintech and the payments sector. As noted in the report from Pitchbook, shares of recently publicly traded fintech & payments IPOs “rose by 21.2% in Q2, notably outperforming the Nasdaq’s 12.8% and S&P 500’s… Read More

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