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PBS MediaShift Running Series On Crowdfunding This Week

This week, PBS MediaShift is running a series of articles on various aspects of the topic of crowdfunding. The first article, a birds-eye view of proposed rules for equity crowdfunding, was published today by Paul Spinrad. RELATED | How the SEC Listened to the Crowd for… Read More

NPR / American Life Crowdfund Over $590,000 on Kickstarter for Planet Money

Planet Money, a joint project of NPR and This American Life, has trail-blazed a new path for NPR.  They have crowdfunded themselves on Kickstarter.  The initial campaign commenced on April 30th and ended on May 15th.  The goal was an admirable $50,000 target.  The finally… Read More

Planet Money and Kickstarter: Is web-based crowdfunding the future of public media?

When the NPR show Planet Money wanted to put together a project about the economic life-cycle of a T-shirt, Kickstarter seemed like the natural approach — and it showed how much crowdfunding has in common with public media. When the reporting team at Planet Money — a… Read More

NPR’s new Kickstarter is a clever commentary on the crowdfunding reward system

Pop-quiz: Name an organization funded by users’ contributions who receive cheap swag in return. Is it the latest hot new Kickstarter? Nope, it’s National Public Radio. Well, actually in this case, it’s both. Instead of turning to a phone-a-thon to fund its latest Planet Money… Read More

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