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Table of Visions Grows with the Crowdfunding Industry. Platform Powers an Increasing Number of Sites

Table of Visions is a white label crowdfunding platform, based in Germany, that started life as a stand-alone rewards based site.  Founded by David Heberling and David Holetzeck the entrepreneurs were working on a movie project and needed funding.  During their search to fund their… Read More

Creators of Pling Move to White Label Their Crowdfunding Platform

Pling is a rewards based crowdfunding platform based in Germany.  The creators of this crowdfunding application experienced some initial success early on in the German crowdfunding market – enough so to sell the platform to investors and  to move their company in a different direction…. Read More

Germany: Crowdfunding Helps Start-Ups

(Staff Translation) Crowdfunding can be an alternative to classic financing means for entrepreneurs   To date this form of financing has been deployed mostly to collect smaller sums for social projects.  Roughly 6.6 million Germans have already made online donations for social causes. That corresponds… Read More

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