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Big Brother Blockchain? China Tracks Parolee Movements with Blockchain in Zhongshan

The Municipal Justice Bureau of Zhongshan has launched a blockchain-based, “community correction and supervision system,” to track the movements of, “community prisoners at any time and any place,” Zhongshan Daily reports. The new system of “smart (and) mutual supervision” will reportedly settle data about parolees whereabouts… Read More

Actress Susan Sarandon Teams Up With Writer-Director Matthew Cooke to Launch Indiegogo Project “The Survivors Guide to Prison”

Earlier this week, writer and director Matthew Cooke launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $100,000 so that he and his film crew may finish the documentary Survivor’s Guide to Prison. While sharing details about the project, Cooke revealed: “We have the largest prison… Read More

Layers And Layers Of Nonsense: When Crowdfunding Cannot Get To The Crowd

We decided to launch our first-ever Kickstarter campaign to supplement our meager budget — to build the platforms, to rent and build some costume pieces (indeed, I spent last night sewing, as did the actress who’s playing Emily), to help pay for postage to mail… Read More

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