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The Advice We Wish We Heard Before Crowdfunding On Kickstarter

In November of 2013 my company, Motion Source Video Production, ran a Kickstarter campaign for a shoulder rig for video cameras. The campaign was very successful, with final totals leaving us at 376% funded beyond our original funding goal. In preparation for the campaign my… Read More

Victims Of Backer Scam Vent On Kickstarter Forum, Allege Over 150 Campaigns Affected

The same individual backed over 150 projects. We have been in communication with a number of project owners, all of whom have been duped out of money by this scammer. This scam has been going on for months; one project backer lost over $5000, and… Read More

Layers And Layers Of Nonsense: When Crowdfunding Cannot Get To The Crowd

We decided to launch our first-ever Kickstarter campaign to supplement our meager budget — to build the platforms, to rent and build some costume pieces (indeed, I spent last night sewing, as did the actress who’s playing Emily), to help pay for postage to mail… Read More

Kickstarter’s payment system experiences downtime, some backers unable to contribute

Amazon Payments, the payment processing system Kickstarter uses for its United States-based projects, experienced an outage yesterday for approximately four hours, raising concerns from project runners about the overall success of their campaigns. The outage was site-wide, but especially prompted responses from those campaigns entering… Read More

Amazon Payments Reinstates Service To GetGayFunded.com

Last month it was brought to our attention that Amazon Payments had stopped completing transactions on behalf of crowdfunding platform GetGayFunded.com. According to CEO Adam Kotkin, Amazon has now reinstated service. He has just sent the following letter: GetGayFunded’s relationship with Amazon Payments has been… Read More

Amazon Payments Stops Service to GetGayFunded.com

Amazon Payments, a payment gateway used by Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms,  has revoked service for GetGayFunded.com, putting existing project funding in jeopardy and forcing founder Adam Kotkin to scramble to find an alternative. Kotkin has now launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking up to $25,000… Read More

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