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FundedByMe and Privanet Close First Round in JV Collaboration

FundedByMe and Privanet Securities Oy have jointly closed a €1.2 million crowdfunding round. This is the first round as part of their Joint Venture collaboration in Finland. The Finnish media-platform builder BCaster collected €1.2 million in funding in “record time”. Via Privanet’s and FundedByMe’s crowdfunding platform the funding… Read More

Privanet Acquires 34.4% Stake in FundedByMe Finland OY

FundedByMe has announced that Privanet has acquired a 34.4% ownership stake in FundedByMe Finland OY. Privanet operates in Finland and is the owner of the crowdfunding platform AROUND. Privanet is an investment services group specializing in trading of unlisted shares and corporate financing needs. Privanet is licensed… Read More

Invesdor Launches Secondary Market for Crowdfunded Investments

Privanet and equity based crowdfunding platform Invesdor have partnered to offer a secondary market for crowdfunded offerings.  Both are based in Helsinki, Finland. Privanet is a specialist in the trading of unlisted shares. The company, which was founded in 2000, is supervised by the Finnish Financial… Read More

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