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PwC Hong Kong Signs Agreement with Metaverse Dev TerraZero Technologies

PwC Hong Kong announces the signing of a collaboration agreement with TerraZero Technologies, Inc. With offices in Vancouver and Los Angeles, TerraZero brings together specialists and entrepreneurs “from blockchain, web3, design, programming, entertainment, marketing and finance backgrounds.” PwC and TerraZero are “devising a go-to-market strategy… Read More

Tutorial Shows How To Build Basic Crowdfunding Site In 300 Lines Of Code

Let’s face it: building a basic crowdfunding platform is easy. This is at least in part why the space is so exciting. Many disruptors will come and go, and those that execute best will stay. A recent post on Mozilla Hacks includes a tutorial to… Read More

SitePoint Staffers Build Launchable, A Crowdfunding Experiment For Online Courses

SitePoint is an online media company specializing in news geared toward software developers and other flavors of geek. As is somewhat common in these circles, they afford their staff a few days on occasion to work on personal projects on company time. Why would a… Read More

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