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SunFunder Shifts to Balanced Payments for Crowdfunding Platform Transactions

Add SunFunder to the list of crowdfunding platforms using the Balanced Payments platform for their investment transactions.  SunFunder announced the shift from PayPal to the Y-Combinator backed payments and escrow platform on their site this past week. Crowdfund Insider recently covered the unique payment platform… Read More

WATCH: Balanced Featured In Github Video Series

We recently brought you the story of Balanced, a payment processor and escrow service specializing in P2P marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms. Part of the story around Balanced is their open approach to building a business. A big part of that approach is deep integration with… Read More

Balanced: Payments & Escrow For P2P Marketplaces, Crowdfunding Platforms

Balanced was created to increase the global economy through payments. As we built Balanced, it troubled me that we had adopted the closed-off culture common to the financial services industry, where everything was locked up for the sake of “competitive advantage.” That wasn’t the kind of… Read More

Tutorial Shows How To Build Basic Crowdfunding Site In 300 Lines Of Code

Let’s face it: building a basic crowdfunding platform is easy. This is at least in part why the space is so exciting. Many disruptors will come and go, and those that execute best will stay. A recent post on Mozilla Hacks includes a tutorial to… Read More

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