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WATCH: Kickstarter Alum Obsidian Releases Project Eternity Trailer, Gives Game Final Name

Project Eternity was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter to the tune of almost $4 million. Now the game’s developer, Obsidian Entertainment, has released a gameplay trailer ahead of the game’s scheduled release sometime this year. The campaign page promised April of 2014, and by the looks… Read More

Project Eternity crowd-funding closes on $4.3 million

Project Eternity from Obsidian Entertainment has proven to be a crowd-funding success, as the studio closed its funding drive with $4.3 million in the bank across PayPal donations and Kickstarter pledges. We reported that the game’s funding tiers are now closed earlier today, but even… Read More

Project Eternity crowd-funding ends, grand total now $4.3 million

Yes the Project Eternity Kickstarter ended with record breaking numbers a while ago, but PayPal donations stayed open. Yesterday marked the end-proper of crowd-funding, and the new grand total stands at $4.3 million, Obsidian announced. That total can still budge slightly via a solo Slacker… Read More

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