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Entrepreneurs Are Building Brands On Multiple Crowdfunding Rounds

The fact that David Toledo and Power Practical are about to close a successful Kickstarter campaign for the PowerPot X isn’t necessarily remarkable in and of itself. The campaign has doubled a $30,000 and still has almost a week left. What is remarkable is that… Read More

How Flint & Tinder’s Founder Doubled A Kickstarter Goal For Blue Shoelaces

How does one go about raising over $50,000 on Kickstarter for blue shoelaces? The answer has a lot to do with the man behind the Bluelace Project, Jake Bronstein. The former Road Rules cast member and FHM editor is now the founder of a clothing company… Read More

Maker’s Row: A Search Engine For Fashion Factories

A big part of the crowdfunding narrative has been centered around the concept of concious capitalism and an increased awareness of the complex relationship between industry and society. Through crowdfunding, backers and investors have an opportunity to vote with their wallets and reward those companies that consider… Read More

Flint And Tinder Do It Again, Net Huge Raise For The 10-Year Hoodie

Flint and Tinder became famous in 2012 for raising $300,000 to change how men buy underwear in the US. Founder Jake Bronstein noticed that most of the product available on store shelves was made overseas and left a lot to be desired in the quality department…. Read More

After Crowdfunding $300,000 In Underwear He Didn’t Have On Kickstarter, Jake Bronstein Almost Walked Away

When Jake Bronstein posted his first Kickstarter campaign, he wasn’t expecting much. He set up a $30,000 goal on the crowdfunding site. He just wanted to test the waters and see if his idea for a made-in-America underwear company had any legs. It did. After 30 days,… Read More

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