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Brief: Kickstarter to Host 2016 Summer Festival at Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park


Crowdfunding giant Kickstarter is set to host its 2016 Summer Festival at the Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn later this month. The event’s description reads: Celebrate creativity at the Kickstarter Summer Festival, a free event featuring art, food, games, and more from the Kickstarter community. Join… Read More

Oculus’ Palmer Luckey: I Knew Some People at Sony Working on VR Before I Even Started My Kickstarter

Palmer Luckey

Following the announcement that Kickstarter backers were officially getting the Oculus Rift headset, founder of the highly anticipated system, Palmer Luckey admitted that he knew that electronic giant Sony was preparing to enter the virtual reality world. During his recent interview with International Business Times, Luckey… Read More

Kickstarter Looks Back at the Most Innovative Crowdfunding Campaigns Following Oculus Rift Announcement


Celebrating Oculus’ recent announcement about backers finally receiving their Rift headsets, Kickstarter revealed on Wednesday the most innovative crowdfunding campaigns that hit its popular platform over the years. The crowdfunding giant shared in a recent blog post: “If you check out the projects on Kickstarter… Read More

Nimble Sense Brings Hands to Virtual Reality; Now Available to Early Backers on Kickstarter

Nimble VR 1

On Tuesday (October 28th), San Francisco-based Nimble VR, a virtual reality technology company, launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Nimble Sense, the first depth sensing camera designed to enable the use of hands in virtual reality. The Nimble Sense creates the simple experience of having hands in VR by applying time-of-flight… Read More

Officials Announce Oculus Rift Should Hit Stores In 2015


It’s been a long time coming, and now an representative from Oculus Rift virtual reality announced a headset for consumers may go on sale as early as next year. The Irvine, the management at Oculus VR and the company that was bought by Facebook for… Read More

Facebook Buys Crowdfunding Star Oculus VR for $2 Billion

Oculus Rift Coaster Experience

In a post on the Oculus blog site, the start up tech company disclosed they were joining Facebook.  The deal was valued at $2 billion including $400 million in cash and 23.1 million in Facebook shares, plus an added $300 million payout in cash and… Read More

Kickstarter Wins “Best Overall Startup” Crunchie For 2013, Oculus & CrowdTilt Also Honored


TechCrunch has an awards series every year called the Crunchies, and Kickstarter just won the biggest Crunchie of them all. Kickstarter is TechCrunch’s “Best Overall Startup” for 2013. Kickstarter wasn’t the only winner from the wonderful world of crowdfunding in 2013. Oculus VR took home… Read More

FPS Creator Reloaded Integrates with Oculus Rift

Orc Adventure fps creator reloaded

TGC Continues with Self-Hosted Pretail Funding. Coming from The Game Creators (TGC), a privately owned UK company, FPS Creator Reloaded (FPSC Reloaded) has announced their beta launch of Oculus Rift integration.  The game development tools studio sees integration as an important strategic move as part… Read More

Valve, Oculus Rift Team Up In Effort To Make Steam A VR Gaming Leader [Deck]

Screen Shot 2014 01 24 at 9.36.14 AM

@hugotheonly1 I’m a big fan if oculus, and will buy one 🙂 but the valve demo really blew me away. VR is going to be amazing — David Hensley (@TheDavidHensley) January 16, 2014 Valve is a name that has become synonymous with disruption in the… Read More

Oculus Rift: Best of CES Winner 2014

Screen Shot 2013 04 16 at 9.25.47 AM

For anyone who has actually had the luck to try out the Oculus Rift this should not come as a surprise.  The Oculus Rift “Crystal Cove” prototype has won the Best of CES 2104 prize.  The accolades continue to pore in from around the world,… Read More

Gizmodo’s Eric Limer On Oculus Rift: “It is going to change the world”

Screen Shot 2014 01 08 at 10.42.19 AM

Oculus VR isn’t a stranger to rave reviews of the forthcoming Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset poised to be really disruptive in the video game industry. However, a recent piece in Gizmodo gives the device some seriously high praise. The title says it all: I Wore the… Read More

WATCH: Business Insider Staffers Amazed By The Oculus Rift

Screen Shot 2013 12 27 at 10.41.24 AM

Business Insider recently got their hands on an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and tried some things like riding a virtual roller coaster and exploring the planets. Their reaction? Amazement across the board, which is becoming a trend for the Oculus Rift. The Rift will… Read More

Oculus VR Nets $75M In Series B Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz

Screen Shot 2013 06 01 at 10.33.00 AM

Oculus VR has turned Kickstarter success into what is fast-becoming one of the most interesting startups in the US today. Following a $16 million series A round, the company has announced that they have now closed an additional round of funding led by Andreessen Horowitz…. Read More

Best Inventions List Includes Three Kickstarter Crowdfunded Projects

Screen Shot 2013 04 16 at 9.25.47 AM

Coming from the bastion of traditional media know as Time is a listicle outlining the “25 Best Inventions of the Year 2013” which unsurprisingly includes several crowdfunded projects.  Now I must point out that the paper and ink crew at Time may be a bit… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 2, 2013

crowdfunding news roundup

Real Business | Crowdfunding know-how is key to growth This article in Real Business reiterates a handful of points on the subject of crowdfunding: businesses by and large don’t know what it is, they can use it to successfully access capital and their understanding of the subject… Read More

Oculus VR Working On HD, 4K Oculus Rift For Consumers

Oculus Rift Coaster Experience

Oculus VR is a crowdfunding darling, having raised a $16 million Series A round on top of another $2.4 million on Kickstarter. Now the virtual reality gaming headset manufacturer is gearing up for primetime in the form of a new, consumer-spec headset that the team… Read More

STEM Virtual Reality Game Controller Hits Crowdfunding Goal on First Day

Baseball on STEM

STEM virtual reality game controller set a crowdfunding goal of raising $250,000 this past Thursday and they hit this goal on the same day.   Standing at almost $500,000 only a few days into their campaign, the STEM system has the potential to enter the… Read More

Oculus Rift Freak Out Video, You Will Want One Now

Oculus Rift Coaster Experience

Oculus Rift crowdfunded over $2.4 Million on Kickstarter just over a year ago and remains one of the super-stars of crowdfunding.  Oculus went on to raise $16 Million in an A round of financing with some pretty big name supporters attached. While this soon to… Read More

Oculus VR Raises $16 Million Series A


Oculus VR has raised $16 million in a round with contributions from Spark Capital, Matrix Partners, Founders Fund and Formation 8. Spark Capital and Matrix Partners led the round. Spark founder Santo Politi and Matrix partner Antonio Rodriguez both acquire seats on Oculus’s Board of… Read More

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